The Happer and Stephens Show: June 11th, 1pm

The Happer and Stephens Show: June 11th, 12pm

The Happer and Stephens Show: June 11th, 11am

June 7th: Cavs/Warriors Game 3 recap

June 7th: Will Nebrasketball have enough shots to go around to make everyone happy in 2018-19?

-Yes, we are thrilled to have Palmer and Copeland back, and they both have NBA or other professional aspirations, still. But Isaiah Roby enters his junior year trying to take a massive step and has tons of potential himself, and Thomas Allen/Glynn Watson won’t want to just sit back and be quiet, either. How is this all going to work without guys playing hero ball?

June 7th: Sip and Jake hate offseason hype…but the HUSKERS ARE ON A ROLL IN RECRUITING

-3 days, 3 commits. Nebraska lands linebacker Jackson Hannah from Nashville, Tennessee; he had offers from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, and others. Rivals ranks him as a 4-star and the No. 9 inside linebacker in the country for 2019. Not bad.

-Does this make you feel better about the attrition of losing Willie Hampton and Andrew Ward to transfer? Didn’t seem like there was much panic about that anyways. Still, another solid get for Frost. Will they get a new commit every day until the Fall?!?!?!

June 5th: Sip is sick of losing in trivia, so it’s time to ask Jake a question to see how he does

-Jake literally has zero idea of what’s being asked to him or what the category is. This should be fun.


June 5th: Would you be OK with the idea of having 2 national championships in college baseball: 1 for northern schools and 1 for southern schools?

-The World-Herald’s Tom Shatel addressed the idea over the weekend that comes from Minnesota’s head coach John Anderson….the same guy who once wanted the B1G to play summer baseball and not play a normal regular season

-Doesn’t this seem like a college football Group of 5 national championship for the north compared to the Power 5 national championship for the north? It’s a very similar conversation for some football schools

June 5th: The good news keeps coming for Scott Frost as 2019 4-star QB Luke McCaffrey commits to Nebraska

McCaffrey is the son of former NFL WR Ed McCaffrey, and his brother, Dylan, was interested in Nebraska before choosing Michigan in the past

-Does this do anything with the current QBs? If Gebbia doesn’t win the job this fall, would this make it more obvious that he is moving on or should move on? Put more pressure on Adrian Martinez to perform well early to keep his job in 2019 if he is the starter in 2018?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 4th, 2018

  • Tim Miles, on the hot seat?
  • Nebrasketball getting respect for schedule
  • What we missed/wrap things up

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 4th, 2018

  • Tim Miles pressure of the hot seat
  • Nebrasketball schedule gaining respect
  • Criticism of Lebron is astounding
  • Man of the weekend

Happer & Stephens: June 4th, 12pm

  • Northern college baseball teams break off and create their own league?
  • Nebrasketball getting more preseason hype.
  • Tim Miles getting P5 offers early years at Nebraska but turned them down