Should Kentucky fans be blaming the refs after their loss to North Carolina?

Should refs have a postgame press conference?

What does Tim Miles have to do to make you believe in this program / Shut Up Sipple

Sipple says Miles needs to keep the roster in tact and continue to recruit at a high level.

What should Nebraska do next after the transfer on Ed Morrow?

Do you still believe in Tim Miles?

Kentucky fans coming after Omaha referee John Higgins—-why blame someone else for your loss?

Kentucky fans have begun writing negative reviews of Higgins’ business in Omaha because they believe he had a critical role in their loss to North Carolina in the Elite 8

Why do fans go so hard after refs? To make it go beyond the game and threaten his well-being? That is GARBAGE

More on Ed Morrow and his transfer from Nebrasketball

How big of a loss is Ed Morrow for Nebrasketball?

Should we expect more transfers from the program?

Ed Morrow transfers from Nebrasketball. What does this mean for the team?

Where does Nebraska go from here?

What does this mean for Tim Miles?

NY Giants say that Geno Smith could be the heir to Eli Manning….WHAT?!

Bob Elliott wants more tackling in practice / Shut Up Sipple

What if there was more tackling in practice? How much of a difference would it make?

Do you like the fact that Nebraska’s staff is willing to experiment with different positions?

It shows that they are not stubborn and set in stone on having it done one way and one way only…but can it cause confusion with players? Everything from terminology, footwork, and assignments changes when you move positions (ex. Kalu to safety; Avery Anderson to DB)

At what point do you stop tinkering with things and keep them the way they are? What have some of the most successful coaches done with rosters? Lots of tinkering or keeping the status quo?

LSU is selling alcohol at Tiger Stadium. Will Nebraska ever sell alcohol at sporting events?

What would the atmosphere be like if Nebraska started selling alcohol?

Could Nebrasketball ever find a way back onto Dana Altman’s radar?

Obviously, Altman has become one of the nation’s best coaches, and has his Oregon team in the Final Four

Sip’s ‘Drive for 6’ on Tuesday had great background on how it was not the right time for Altman to come to Nebraska when Miles was hired, as he was only 2 years into his time at Oregon and recently removed from Creighton—awkward timing

Is there anyway that Nebraska could convince him to come and save their program down the road if needed? Also—-Husker Baseball vs. Kansas State thoughts from Tuesday night…

Lamar Jackson moves to #1 boundary CB, as Joshua Kalu moves to safety

Jackson feels like he earned the position and is going to make it work; Diaco wants more quality players starting. Is this a risk for Nebraska? Jackson looked shaky last season. Lots of growth needed

Will Kalu benefit from the change? Does he even want to play safety? Wonder if this is all agreed upon by all parties