The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 19th, 3pm

  • Tim Tebow is PISSED that Nick Bosa doesn’t wanna go back to Ohio State after his surgery
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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: October 12th, 3pm

  • The Big Ten West could officially die tomorrow
  • Steve Sipple: LJS
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Jovan Dewitt apparently doesn’t think Nebraska has enough players capable of being good on special teams

-How is that possible with a 100+ man roster? A change is being made at long snapper because Dewitt doesn’t believe Jordan Ober is good enough in coverage

-There is a major issue if you can’t find enough guys who are capable of playing special teams

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Is this the week for Nebraska’s first win, and could it start a run of success before the Ohio State game in early November?

-Will Nebraska keep experimenting with new personnel at places or are they going to keep things where they’re at for a while?

-Is the poor start to the season affecting recruiting at all?

How much can the last 7 games of the season change your view of what 2019 looks like compared to your current thoughts?

-Nebraska is 0-5 currently; let’s say they go 5-2 down the stretch somehow. What’s your thoughts on 2019 compared to if they go 2-5 down the stretch and finish 2-10 overall? Same expectations for 2019 as it would be at 5-7 or not? Just expecting things to click in 2019 because the schedule is easier and you have the implementation year over with?

-It’s such an interesting dynamic to think of how much things can change for the better or for the worse over a span of 7 games after an 0-5 start. What are fans expecting next year at the current moment and also what current record are they projecting for this current season after the start?

Isaiah Roby seems to be Nebrasketball’s best NBA prospect, so how does he get more involved in the offense?

-James Palmer and Isaac Copeland carried the load last year for the offense, and Roby was involved, too…but more and more draft boards are projecting Roby with the highest potential for the next level…does he become the go-to player?


Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Is Nebraska’s defense getting any better, and will it the rest of the season?

-What’s the best way to fix Nebraska’s 3rd down woes on offense?

-How does Nebraska stack up against Northwestern?

Erik Chinander says Nebraska has a long ways to go to catch up to power football teams….how long is that, exactly?

-Chinander spoke Tuesday after practice and mentioned that it’s going to be a while before Nebraska beats the likes of Michigan and Wisconsin with their power running offenses…the question becomes with Nebraska’s ideal brand of offense, will their defenses ever be ready for that type of attack?

-Can you form the current players into a team that is able of stopping those teams or is it all new players in a new recruiting philosophy?

-More from practice on Tuesday:

Lots of new faces being talked about with the offensive line…how long of a leash do the starters have?

  • Tanner Farmer moved to first team center on the newest depth chart, and Boe Wilson is at right guard, backed up by Trent Hickson…and Will Farniok is making some noise, too
  • Will Frost be hesitant to make any more changes on the line or will he ride it out with what he has?

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

  • How much does Karrington Davis’ injury affect Nebrasketball’s depth? Where was he at in terms of role off the bench?
  • Is this the week for Scott Frost’s first win at Nebraska? Could it start a run, if so?
  • Is Nebraska’s defense improving at all?

The offense appears to be getting better for Nebraska, are we sure the same thing is happening for the defense?

  • 3 games of 500+ yards of offense is great, even if lots of those didn’t end up in points and if they were “empty yards” at ends of games…but still, there is evident progress there
  • Can we say for sure that the defense? The sacks have slowed down since the first two weeks, and the run defense hasn’t been good for several games. They’re experimenting with new personnel in the secondary, but that’s not the only problem. Are we seeing progress with the defense?

A bummer for Nebrasketball as Karrington Davis is out for the year with an Achilles injury

  • Davis wasn’t expected to be part of the starting lineup, but was someone that was thought to be a contributor off of the bench. How concerned are you about the depth of Nebrasketball right now?
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: “Cry Out For Me” – Dreamers