July 27th: How much are you expecting from Tyjon Lindsey in his freshman year?

July 27th: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

July 27th: Is Mike Riley toughening his stance in Year 3 and shedding some of his ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ persona?

July 27th: Athlon Sports ranks Bob Diaco as 7th best coordinator hire of offseason

July 27th: Bill Bender (Sporting News)

July 27th: Did your expectations or visions of Nebraska in 2017 change at all after what you heard in Chicago for B1G Media Days?

July 26th: Is it ever OK for a team commentator to wish ill-will on the opponent?

-Hawk Harrelson said yesterday on White Sox broadcast that he wanted John Lackey to get drilled…

2-minute drill: What’s the better way to win….a walk-off grand slam or a last-second TD pass?

July 26th: Will the offensive line protect better this year, knowing they don’t have mobile QB? / Shut Up Sipple

-Mike Riley seemed confident in the unit when he spoke yesterday, but still many concerns remain

July 26th: Are you OK with viewing Year 3 of Mike Riley as Year 1 and having patience?

-Riley said he believes this is more of a ‘Mike Riley’ team than what he’s had in first 2 years here…so take that for what it’s worth

-To be fair, we knew that Riley was a QB developer, and Tommy may have had too many flaws to be fully corrected…so that now comes on Tanner Lee for the hype. Elevated pressure in his first year as QB as the result? Example: if this was Riley’s first true year and Lee’s first true year, the pressure would not be nearly as much

July 26th: A 4-star QB just committed to Princeton….over several big Power 5 schools

-Brevin White—of Lancaster, CA—had offers from Arizona State, Tennessee, Washington/Washington State, Auburn, North Carolina, and others….and chose PRINCETON!!! What an upset for the Ivy League!


July 26th: Mike Riley confirms that Trent Bray almost left for a coordinator spot; how long can he keep this current staff in place?

-We’ve mentioned that a part of the reason for the success at Northwestern lately is that the staff always keeps intact—and that was the same for Minnesota with Jerry Kill when he was there, too

-Obviously, assistants and coordinators want to move up in the world, and you should want motivated coaches on your team—but how long can Nebraska keep their current staff altogether?

July 26th: Is there any concern at all about Tanner Lee having a killer/closer mentality at QB?

-It may be the biggest question of all coming into this season. NO ONE is questioning the talent he has at QB and certainly the hype seems justified. But, seeing the lack of wins at Tulane (a much less talented team), do you go into this season believing that just because he is a solid QB, he will naturally close well?

-Bruce Feldman and Joel Klatt had nice things to say about Lee, and again—no one is questioning that he should/could put up big stats this year. But will they be in the critical spots when Nebraska needs to close? It’s why the early games are very important to establish a closing mentality