February 23rd: Final thoughts on Nebrasketball/Penn State on Sunday

-Will the Huskers lay an egg or come out guns blazing and send a message to the NCAA Tourney committee?
-Does Lunardi’s latest projection make you think Nebraska might have to win 3 games and not just 2 to make the Dance?
-Also, Husker Baseball loses to Oregon State. No biggy, though. They’re really good.

February 23rd: Will this staff have more attention to detail than previous staffs? / Shut Up Sipple

-Ryan Held spoke on Wednesday about how the offense at UCF went from terrible to really good, because of something so simple as blocking better on the perimeter—and Frost says also that you can have physical line play in this type of offense with attention to detail…how quick can that all happen?

February 23rd: With Scott Frost at Nebraska, are you OK with Tom Osborne being around the program more?

-Frost told the World-Herald yesterday that Tom Osborne has been around the program quite a bit since Frost took over—don’t forget that many people wanted T.O. to move on and stop being looked to for answers everytime something went wrong or against Nebraska tradition
-How much could Osborne being around the program help/hurt it when all is said and done?

February 23rd: Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-What’s going on in the upcoming weeks? (State basketball, swimming, UNL gymnastics, UNL men’s basketball)…..and the I Love My Dog Expo? And also, recruitment of events to Lincoln

February 23rd: Joe Lunardi moves Nebraska DOWN and Penn State UP in his Bracketology

-Explain this to us—Nebraska goes 1-1 on the week (loss at Illinois, win against Indiana); and goes from the last team in the ‘First Four Out’ conversation to the first team in ‘Next Four Out’
-Meanwhile, Penn State goes 0-2 on the week (loss at Purdue, loss to Michigan); and goes from first team in ‘Next Four Out’ to last team in ‘First Four Out.’ HOW THE HELL DID THEY JUMP NEBRASKA?!

February 23rd: Scott Frost opens up on Friday Night Lights and more, with subtle jabs at the previous coaching regime!

-Frost told Sip yesterday that Friday Night Lights remains something they’re interested in, and that about the previous staff; “not everything they did was terrible.” Tell us how you really feel, Scott!!
-What were other big takeaways with Sip’s conversation with Frost? Tyjon Lindsey is recovering well from rhabdo; Friday Night Lights might be affected by a change in the lights at Memorial Stadium; and a 2nd Spring Game won’t happen, but possibly an open practice to the public

February 22nd: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-Does Schaefer enjoy the Nebrasketball ‘Bench Mob’ as a known ‘Get Off My Lawn’ guy?
-Schaefer is heading to the Bahamas!

February 22nd: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple

-Penn State enters Sunday’s tilt against Nebrasketball with 2 straight losses and potentially missing big man Mike Watkins to injury…has the game lost all its steam? What will ‘No Sit Sunday’ even look like?
-Does Penn State’s loss mean Nebraska might have to win both Sunday’s game and even possibly 2 B1G Tourney games? Andy Katz says they need to beat Penn State and one game in the B1G Tourney

February 22nd: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

-What do you think Scott Frost will do this summer for camps? Friday Night Lights, or will he do away with that? What else might he implement?
-What areas of the country is Frost hitting harder than previous regimes, if any at all?
-Biggest takeaways on offers out lately to players in upcoming classes?

February 22nd: SONG OF THE DAY:


February 22nd: Where will college basketball be in 5 years with all the corruption being brought to light?

-Yahoo! Sports’ Pete Thamel and Pat Forde published another article yesterday that said that the Feds have found more information with wiretaps, spreadsheets and bank records, and say that “if your school produced a first-round draft pick in the past 3 years, be worried.”

-Will the Feds go through with punishment with all the information they apparently have? And what does that mean for the sport?

February 22nd: Penn State drops their 2nd straight game and needs a miracle to make the NCAA Tournament…how much steam has ‘No Sit Sunday’ lost?

-When the Nittany Lions beat Ohio State last week, everyone was saying that Nebraska/Penn State was the BEST game left of the B1G schedule because of all that it meant for NCAA Tourney implications. Well..now that Penn State lost to both Purdue and Michigan, their NCAA hopes will have to come squarely through (likely) winning the B1G Tourney

-How much buzz has Sunday’s game lost over the last week? Nebraska did their part by beating Indiana, but lost some luster with a loss at Illinois…what kind of environment should we expect on Sunday? Are you still pumped for the game?