January 22nd: Final thoughts on tonight’s Nebrasketball game vs. Ohio State

-Will Nebraska get the win? It would be a big thing, as Ohio State is 8-0 in league play

-Also, final thoughts on the Super Bowl match-up…

January 22nd: Tanner Lee…a possible 3rd round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft? / Shut Up Sipple

-3 QBs are 1st rounders in Mel Kiper’s initial Mock Draft…and Luke Falk and Tanner Lee appear to be headed for the 3rd round…is Lee worth that high of a draft pick?

-Could you envision him starting anywhere?

January 22nd: If Nebrasketball makes the Big Dance, do they have the pieces to make a run or are they a quick out?

-Fans would be thrilled just to win ONE game and finally get the monkey off their back in terms of winning an NCAA Tourney game (0-7 all-time)—but that’s never the only goal. Can this team overcome their inconsistent 3-point shooting and post play and be a threat to go deep or not?

-The game against Michigan on Thursday has to make fans feel good about possibilities…Michigan has been a quality NCAA team under John Beilein, and Nebraska embarrassed them thoroughly…but was that a one game thing, or can it be done in tournament fashion?

January 22nd: AFC/NFC Championship recap…do you like the Super Bowl match-up?

-Jags/Patriots and Vikings/Eagles….exciting games?


January 22nd: Tre Bryant listed by Athlon Sports as one of 30 potential breakout players in 2018…is that justifiable?

-Have we forgotten about Tre Bryant with all the talk about Maurice Washington and Greg Bell? Or do we remember him and his chronic knee problems, and know that he is good when healthy, but hard to keep healthy?

-Where does he fit in the RB discussion for next year? Surely Scott Frost has seen film of what he could do when healthy, but it feel s like he’s not reliable with the old knees

January 22nd: Nebrasketball faces TOUGH test tonight at Ohio State…can they get a 2nd straight upset?

-Ohio State enters at 8-0 in conference play, and Nebraska enters at 5-3 in conference play following an impressive win on Thursday night against Michigan…

-If Nebraska wins this game, that gives them 2 consecutive quality NCAA victories when it comes to their resume for tournament time…is that enough? Do they need a 3rd big win, and would that only happen in the B1G Tourney?

-Biggest concerns for tonight’s game are…?

January 19th: Picks of the Weekend! Who’s moving on to the Super Bowl?

-If you root for the Patriots on Sunday, Sorensen will hate you forever…not really, but kind of. GO JAGS!

-Vikings/Eagles….can you imagine if Minnesota loses this game, after the miracle that happened on Sunday, and with a possible home game coming up in the Super Bowl for the first time in NFL HISTORY?!

-More thoughts on Nebrasketball win…

January 19th: Mel Kiper puts 3 QBs in the first round of his initial 2018 NFL Mock Draft…how high will Tanner Lee go because of that?

-Kiper has Josh Allen (Wyoming) going first overall to the Browns; Josh Rosen (UCLA) going second; and also Baker Mayfield getting drafted

-He had Luke Falk (Washington State) going in the 3rd round…could Lee go that high, too?-

January 19th: There’s only one chef in the kitchen for Nebraska football now instead of too many in the Riley era…how much of an impact will that make?

-No more Shawn Eichorst and Billy Devaney looking over the shoulder of the program—this is Scott Frost and Scott Frost’s program only…no hidden agendas or difference in opinions

-How much can solidarity make an immediate impact and ONE TRUE VOICE? Bob Diaco mentioned that once last year but it never really happened at all

-Also, 2 new commits for Husker football!

January 19th: 2 New commits for Husker football…


January 19th: Cary Cochran (Former Husker basketballer)

-Thoughts on win and Jordy’s return..

January 19th: Nebrasketball takes down Michigan in BLOWOUT fashion…where did that come from?

-PBA Magic still alive? Can Nebrasketball keep it going? 12-1 at PBA now this year after a dominating 72-52 win over #23 Michigan…and it wasn’t ever close!