April 25th: If you’re not willing to change ‘Sirius’ for the Tunnel Walk, is there any other music that should change in the gameday experience at Memorial Stadium?

-‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ has been a big hit in recent years, should it be at a better timeslot? Any other songs that need to be part of the rotation or in a specific slot at the stadium?

April 25th: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Is Adrian Martinez the leader in the QB race after the Spring Game?

-Thoughts on possibly replacing ‘Sirius’ as the Tunnel Walk song?

-Other biggest impressions from the Spring Game on Saturday and what to watch for throughout the summer

April 25th: Do you like your Athletic Director making bold comments publicly?

April 25th: NFL Draft is tomorrow…is this the most intriguing draft in years?

-No one knows where the Browns are going with the top pick, with rumors floating everywhere from Sam Darnold to Baker Mayfield, to Josh Rosen to Josh Allen. Who are they picking, and where does Saquon Barkley go? Could be some serious trades tomorrow night…buckle up.


April 25th: Is the tight end position heading toward a major resurgence under Scott Frost?

-Austin Allen and Jack Stoll looked good in the Spring Game, as did Kurt Rafdal with an athletic TD catch to begin the game’s scoring…with a load of good WRs, will the TEs get their targets this year? Is the depth there as good as you’ve seen at Nebraska or is it too early to say that?

April 25th: Bill Moos gives reasons behind one-year contract extension for Tim Miles, also backs Darin Erstad

-Moos spoke to reporters yesterday and regarding Miles, said that the reason he only gave him a one-year extension is that he wants to see consistency and stability, mentioning that the last time Miles had a good year, they stumbled the next year. BILL MOOS IS SO DAMN SMART

-Also, Moos backed Erstad and said “he’s solid and he’s staying right where he is.” Don’t forget, he DID win the conference last year, and is battling injuries this year. Have we been too critical of him or not?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 24th, 2pm

  • Adrian Martinez = Mackenzie Milton?
  • What emphasis should Frost put on Year 1 as opposed to Years 2, 3, and 4?
  • This or That

April 24th: Are you concerned about the kicker position right now?

-Barrett Pickering missed his only FG kick in the game (from inside 30 yards), and Cole Frahm was shaky, too. Is that possibly the biggest concern of any position right now? Or still cornerback?

April 24th: Sip doesn’t want to change the Tunnel Walk /Shut Up Sipple

April 24th: Possible changes to the Tunnel Walk song?

April 24th: More Tunnel Walk talk….



April 24th: Pardon us for not asking this yesterday—but would you be bummed if ‘Sirius’ went away for the Tunnel Walk?

-They played ‘Come Together’ on Saturday to walk out to, and lots of fans were freaked out about it…HuskerVision’s Shot Kleen told Tom Shatel that they just did something different for the Spring Game and would decide this summer if they’re keeping ‘Sirius’ or not

-Is that one tradition that absolutely can’t be touched, or shouldn’t be?