September 26: How much has your perception of the B1G West changed since the season began?

-Get this—MINNESOTA has the top scoring defense in the entire country (Penn State is 2nd)…and the Gophers look good in P.J. Fleck’s first year….Iowa looks better than thought, and Wisconsin might be even better than we originally thought

-Northwestern might be overrated from the preseason, but Purdue is on the way up….Nebraska has its work cut out for them

September 26: Tony Davis (Former Husker RB) / Shut Up Sipple

-Did you see improvement from the team in the Rutgers game or still more of the same?

-How does a staff that doesn’t know if they’ll be here next year build for the future and the current team, as well?

-How much doubt comes to players when they see their QB having INT issues?

September 26: How can a coaching staff truly build for this year and the future under the current circumstances of not knowing if they’ll be retained for next year?

-When the A.D. that hired you is fired midseason, that’s a bad start for you. And, knowing how fickle recruiting can be, you know that opposing coaches going for players like Micah Parsons, Joshua Moore, Bookie Radley-Hiles and others are saying that those players shouldn’t come here because Riley might not be here next season….and how in the world do Riley and staff fend that off?

-It’s a very difficult situation, and if Nebraska can hang on to their prized recruits through all the doubt, then good on those players for their commitments.

September 26th: Nebrasketball gets a 2018 commit from 3-star PG Xavier Johnson…more positive news for a program (potentially) on its way up

-Nebraska got Johnson over other offers from Creighton, GA Tech, Georgetown, NC State, and others…with this news and the Copeland news a few weeks ago, Nebrasketball tends to have some—gulp—offseason momentum. Sound familiar? Can they convert it??


September 26th: The offensive line rebounded against Rutgers…will it continue improving going forward or still remain a concern for the season?

-Mike Cavanaugh said the offense ran the same run play 31 times (!!) in the game, so simplicity may have helped the line…

-Michael Decker and Brendan Jaimes were young guys that coaches said they were happy with their performances, but can those guys do well when playing against tougher teams? Sorensen isn’t convinced the line is back yet. Need to see it vs. stiffer competition

September 26th: Can Tanner Lee get out of his interception funk? Mike Riley believes its possible, and Nebraska needs it to happen…quickly

-Riley had great answers during press conference Monday, diving into past QBs he worked with like Matt Moore and Derek Anderson, and noting they had INT issues at times but were always really good players by their senior year

-Do you believe that Langsdorf and Riley can get Lee figured out and get his confidence back? Lee seemed OK at the press conference, too, but he never really has seemed rattled ever. Hard to know where he is at when on the field, mentally

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  • Does Tanner Lee staying in the game say more about him or Patrick O’Brien?
  • Running back by committee, they’re being forced to now
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  • Even after a win, Connor and Tom want to hear from listeners: What are you angry about?
  • Iowa almost beat Penn State in an exciting game.
  • After seeing 4 weeks from the other B1G teams, who is beatable?

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  • Tanner Lee is not going to get benched.
  • Run the ball guys, rejoice. That might be the best option for this team to be successful.
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings