The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 21st, 5pm

  • Drunk Takes

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 21st, 4pm

  • Nebraska basketball with a big signing
  • Alex B. Smith: Sports Handicapper
  • Worst tweet of the day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 21st, 3pm

  • Sean Callahan: Tanner Lee could be the best QB in the west
  • NCAA rule changes
  • Eichorsts role in recruiting
  • Four More Downs w/ Alli

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: April 21st, 2pm

  • Nebraska basketball with a big signing
  • Ty Lue asked Irving/Love permission to keep them out in the 4th quarter of epic comeback
  • Brian Christopherson: LJS
  • Advise Me

Happer & Stephens: April 21, 1pm

  • Husker Baseball needs to turn around their recent luck this weekend in Minnesota, but Darin Erstad refuses to put extra importance on this series
  • The NBA Playoffs are off to an entertaining start
  • Royals are 7-8 through 15 games. This is incredibly disappointing to Happer.

Happer & Stephens: April 21, 12pm

  • Connor and Tom dig into the commitment from Thomas Allen for Tim Miles and Nebrasketball
  • Sean Callahan, HuskerOnline (pt 2)
  • Will Tanner Lee be the B1G West’s best QB?
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Happer & Stephens: April 21, 11am

  • Mike Riley drops a recruiting nugget about some silent commits. Let’s speculate!
  • How does Riley balance his current recruiting momentum with a limited class size?
  • Sean Callahan, Husker Online
  • 4* guard Thomas Allen commits to Nebrasketball
  • Four Downs with Alli, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Adam Furley defends himself on his hate for Steven Spielberg

What can you learn about Tim Miles’ recruiting by where his transfers end up? / Shut Up Sipple

This year, Jeriah Horne transfers to smaller school (Tulsa); but Ed Morrow is looking at Big East teams

In past: Bakari Evelyn (Valparaiso); Sergei Vucetic (Evansville); Andrew White (Syracuse—good)

Penn State will have their 3rd annual ‘stripe out’ game against Nebraska this year; can Nebraska ever have something that unifies the fans like that?

Whenever Nebraska tries a ‘blackout,’ it feels like only a small percentage of the fans actually participate; most wear their traditional Husker red

Can Nebraska do something like a ‘stripe out’ game and make it work? Penn State is definitely a traditional school and they are changing things up…why not Nebraska, too?

What is your dream for a different game atmosphere at Memorial Stadium for once a year?

Sip is the king of trolling in NBA Playoffs….what an absolute treat / Furley Freakout

Cavs make a comeback led by King James to go up 3-0 on Pacers, and Sip’s Twitter feed was absolutely sensational


Will anything be lost with the banning of 2-a-day practices in the fall?

Mike Riley is OK with the change; Kirk Ferentz isn’t. Will it make that big of a deal when all is said and done to only have one with helmets and pads, and one (if you want) with no pads or helmets?

Did the NCAA go too far in banning 2-a-days or is it justifiable?