April 23rd: Final takeaways from a ‘historic’ Spring Game…

  • Jake’s “Rafdal” song.

April 23rd: What should Scott Frost do with Devine Ozigbo and Mikale Wilbon? / Shut Up Sipple

-Wilbon was the #2 back on the red squad and had a decent performance, but seems like he won’t be in the starting mix…and Ozigbo had an adequate game for the white squad…will either one see the field in the fall, or even be at Nebraska still?

April 23rd: Tristan Gebbia was solid, but definitely wasn’t the star of the QBs…what’s he thinking entering the summer months?

-Gebbia was the starter for the red squad, but wasn’t quite as flashy as Martinez, who is getting all the hype from the game. You can’t win or lose the job in the Spring Game, but does he enter the summer thinking he might be behind Martinez in the QB race?

-Also, what a plethora of talent Nebraska has at WR. WOW. And we didn’t even see Spielman or Morgan play…and the TEs were solid, too! Rafdal, Allen….hmmmm…

April 23rd: 8 total sacks for the defense on Saturday…a sign of improved pass rush or concern for the offensive line?

-Alex Davis had 2 sacks and an INT, and showed the flash that people thought he might bring when he came to Nebraska…is it something to build off of or just a scrimmage success story?

-The starting o-line did surrender 5 ‘sacks’..though the QBs may have avoided sacks if not 2-hand touch…what do you read from them?


April 23rd: Which early enrollees/newcomers looked the best on Saturday?

-Sip thought Adrian Martinez looked the best, followed by Mike Williams, Breon Dixon, Will Honas and Greg Bell

-Jake also undoubtedly thought Martinez was the best, but had a higher regard for Bell than Sip did. What do you guys think of Bell’s performance? Can he be a ‘bellcow’ back or not?

April 23rd: The hype is real—Adrian Martinez steals the show at the Spring Game…is the need for a grad transfer QB over?

-Don’t drink too much Kool-Aid, it was just a scrimmage…but man did Martinez look good. All the QBs are young, but does any part of you think Nebraska still needs to pursue a grad transfer QB or should they stick with what they have?

-Sip said Martinez looked like Marcus Mariota out there…do you feel like he has the edge going into the summer and fall in the QB race or is it still even throughout?

-Other big initial takeaways…

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