January 15th: The epic recruiting weekend is complete, but the big news is Nebraska lands a transfer DB/LB from Ole Miss

  • Breon Dixon, who played 6 games last year as a freshman, announced Sunday he is transferring to Nebraska. At 6′, 220 pounds, he played DB last year, but Nebraska might play him at outside linebacker
  • What do we expect in terms of commitments after the weekend? It was definitely cold out, but it didn’t appear that any of the recruits who came complained on social media…
  • ALSO—R.I.P Keith Jackson…favorite memory of him as a broadcaster?

January 15th: Nebrasketball falls in OT to Penn State and plays tonight against Illinois

  • The Huskers overcame a 16-point deficit in the 2nd half to force OT at Penn State, but couldn’t close as they fell to 12-7 overall and 3-3 in B1G play…positive takeaways at all or just a bad loss?
  • Also, it still appears that Jordy Tshimanga is not coming back to the Huskers…was his absence a cause of lack of focus or good play against Penn State or was that a false narrative? And you can’t lose to lowly Illinois tonight, can you?

January 15th: The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to the AFC Championship and it’s fantastic for the NFL

  • The NFL is supposed to be a revolving door to try and avoid dynasties every year—it’s why the bad teams get high draft picks—and finally, a team that has sucked forever put it all together and took down a powerhouse. This needs to happen MORE
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: “Different” – The Academics

October 31st: Reaction to Bill Moos interview

-What were the biggest takeaways from what Moos had to say? Do you believe in him even more and his vision for Nebraska? Is the writing on the wall for Riley from what he said, or does he still have a good chance of retaining his job?


October 31st: Bill Moos (UNL Athletic Director) / Shut Up Sipple

-The first game you witnessed in your tenure at Nebraska was a comeback win at Purdue…what were your initial impressions of what you saw?

-Some might say that Florida got ahead of the game by firing Jim McElwain midseason, but you seem adamant on waiting until the season is over…why is that so important to you?

-What are things you’re looking for the remainder of the year in determining whether or not there will be a coaching change at Nebraska?

October 31st: October 31st: Will Mike Riley be forced to go full ‘Air Raid’ attack the rest of the season for the offense to have any chance of success?

-Tanner Lee had 431 yards passing against Purdue, as Nebraska had only 27 carries for 40 yards in the comeback win…and we know Bill Moos loves the Air Raid attack with what he hired at Washington State in Mike Leach!

-Lee has been better the past 4 games, undoubtedly…but can Nebraska survive with him throwing upwards of 50 passes a game going forward? Feels like we’ve seen this show with past coaching staffs…

October 31st: Could this year’s Nebrasketball team make a run like the 2013-14 team?

-James Palmer has scored 17 and 23 points in the first 2 scrimmages, and feels like he’s taking on a Terran Petteway type of role as a transfer…can he stay as efficient as he’s been the first 2 games?


October 31st: Were we unfair to Tanner Lee the first month of the season?

-Lee had 9 INTs in September and only 229 yards passing per game; in October, he had 1 INT with 332 yards passing per game

-Lee undoubtedly had a bad start…but is he becoming the NFL-type QB that we thought he might be when he came to Nebraska? What’s his future look like now at Nebraska?

October 31st: Happy Halloween! What scares you about Nebraska football going forward the rest of the year?

-Is the scariest thing with the current team…particularly, the offensive line’s performance? The leaky run defense? The Penn State game?

-Also, if you are in the ‘Fire Riley’ camp, are you concerned that a hot finish against lower-tier B1G teams could convince Bill Moos to keep Mike Riley for another year? Or are you more concerned about Nebraska’s recruiting, and also their lack of getting contributing JUCO players?

-More from practice:

October 13th: Alex’s Expert Analysis

-PICKS OF WEEKEND: Ohio State/NEB; Purdue/Wisconsin

October 13th: Will J.T. Barrett make Husker fans wish they would return to a dual-threat QB? / Shut Up Sipple

-Some Husker fans were so ready to have a ‘true QB’ when Riley began recruiting pro-style QBs…and now here we are, 6 games in, with many wishing that they still had a QB that could run the ball

-The problem, of course, is that most of the top teams have figured this out and are going for the elite dual-threat guys. Always an uphill battle

October 13th: A time for hope: What needs to happen for Nebraska to pull the upset on Saturday?

-Don’t say ‘a miracle’—it would be a major upset, but not a miracle. Iowa State over Oklahoma was closer to that term than this would be

-Can the offensive line hold up long enough to give Nebraska a chance to actually run the ball, and maybe get Ohio State to bite for playaction? What’s Langsdorf’s gameplan going to be like? What should it be like to win? And can Diaco stop a running QB?