June 15th: Are you going to Friday Night Lights? And advice for Sip’s upcoming vacation

-Friday Night Lights round 1 takes place tonight at Memorial Stadium, are you heading there and fighting the heat?

-Also, advice for Sip as he takes 1.5 weeks off to head to St. Lucia…

June 15th: Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Who is in town for Friday Night Lights and is it fair to expect any commitments from this?

-Is it OK for a coach to tell their team that the goal is just to make a bowl game? Specifically, is that OK at Nebraska?

June 15th: It’s one things for fans to expect just to make a bowl game…is it OK for Scott Frost to tell his team that this year’s expectation is just to make a bowl?

-Frost apparently told his team that the goal this year is to make a bowl game, and not much higher than that apparently. Sip thinks the goal should always be higher, but isn’t that an OK goal after a 4-8 season?

-We always hear that the goal is to go undefeated, win the B1G, and win the national championship. That’s just pandering. Scott Frost is here to be a realist, and maybe that’s his year 2 goal. Just be OK with that, dammit.

June 15th: Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-Recap of Jordan Burroughs/James Green in Final X; Formula SAE preview;  Celebrate Lincoln; AND A BIG GIVEAWAY


June 15th: What can Scott Frost learn from Jim Harbaugh’s first few years in the B1G?

-Land of 10 did a few articles on the topic, and mainly focused on beating your rivals and maintaining expectations. Harbaugh hasn’t done great with beating rivals, and although he hasn’t had a ‘bad’ season, he hasn’t exactly been tearing the world up there

-Can Frost jump ahead of Harbaugh in the perceived B1G coaching rankings quickly? And can he master those 2 goals?

June 15th: Oklahoma State’s AD Mike Holder says he thinks Mike Gundy needs to recruit better; is he out of his damn mind?

-Holder told an Oklahoma State podcast that Gundy has done a good job, but has reached the ceiling of his success because he doesn’t recruit well enough. Can you imagine if those words were uttered at Nebraska after the success that Gundy has had? They’ve been a top 20 program for many years there now..what the hell is Holder thinking?

-Wouldn’t Nebraska fans gladly take Oklahoma State’s last DECADE of success and run?! No national titles but consistently relevant nationally….Holder is in the wrong here, right?

June 14th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-Who is in town for Friday Night Lights and how will it compare under Scott Frost to what it was under Mike Riley for the fans and experience?

-Who is Schaefer’s pick for the U.S. Open and College World Series?

June 14th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple

-Chinander says there are no Blackshirts right now and there might not be for awhile, likely not at the start of the season either…is that OK or not?

-Travis Fisher was pretty harsh on Tuesday of Lamar Jackson, is he getting his point across or going over the line?

June 14th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

-Thoughts on true freshmen being able to play 4 games before choosing to redshirt or not

-Also, the NCAA moves on the transfer rule…why is Schaefer so high on it being a good thing?

-Any takeaways from the statewide tour of coaches and Moos?

June 14th: Are you watching golf more that Tiger Woods is back or has it changed anything for you?

-Woods tees off today in the U.S. Open, his first appearance in the event since 2015…he hasn’t won a major in 10 years but is showing signs of life this year. Does his presence bring YOU back or are you the same as you were without him the past few years?


June 14th: More from the NCAA—as of October, players can transfer schools without having to ask for permission to leave or being blocked by the current team

-Hard to find any problems with this at all, as it’s seemed petty for coaches to block players from going to certain other schools after they leave their current school…good job on this one, NCAA

-Are we getting closer to having transfers eligible to play without sitting out a year?

June 14th: NCAA passes proposal to let true freshmen play up to 4 games without losing season status if they redshirt after that…genius or unnecessary?

-Think about Nebraska right now…you were extremely unlikely to redshirt Adrian Martinez, but now if you see for some reason that he’s not ready at all through 4 games, you could redshirt him if you absolutely had to

-Also, other young guys can now play in the season, either right away or later on, without losing a season if they play 4 games or less….is this the best thing for the NCAA or do you have any concerns?