May 18th: The latest food item at a minor league baseball game might gross you out

-It’s the “Chickle!”  A pickle filled with grilled chicken. Why?

-What are Sip and Schaef’s favorite ballpark or stadium foods?

May 18th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

-Update on Eric Fuller and Marquez Beason

-Joshua Kalu named to LOTT Award List…is he Nebraska’s best defender over Chris Jones?

-How high can a small 2018 class be ranked in recruiting when all is said and done?

May 18th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

-What does it do to a fanbase when everyone is recruiting/future focused and not necessarily ‘win now’ focused?

-What does it do to upperclassmen when they forever hear that recruiting needs to improve because of the talent level being too low?

-Thoughts on blue bloods struggling in college football….

Final thoughts on Nebraska’s addition of kicker Barret Pickering to the 2018 class / 2-minute drill

More reaction to players leaving college early / Shut Up Sipple

Expect more top-tier CFB players to skip bowl games going forward

  • Do you have a problem with players protecting their draft stock by skipping bowl games?
  • What’s the cutoff for which games players will consider “skippable?”

Sip apologizes to Steph Curry….kind of.

  • Steve Sipple, a known Cav lover/Warrior hater, has been strong in his disdain of Curry in the past.

What will the NFL Draft look like in 2018 for Nebraska?

  • Can guys like Chris Jones, Joshua Kalu, Demornay Pierson-El become draftable entities?
  • Is it important for Nebraska to improve in the draft, or is that notion overblown?

Oh boy! Huskers get a commitment from a deep threat…at kicker.

  • Jake is less than enthused, but the Mike Riley was committed to bringing in a scholarship kicker to replace Drew Brown after this season.

The Warriors say they wanted the Clippers to advance because Utah has no nightlife…are they focused enough?

Don’t these quotes from Matt Barnes, Kevin Durant and co. grab your attention if you are Utah, or even Cleveland in the Eastern Conference? Are they even focused on their games or do they feel like it’s been won before the step on the court?

Warriors are becoming easier and easier to dislike.

Is it really reasonable to say ‘tournament or bust’ for Tim Miles this year? / Shut Up Sipple

How can we really expect that after a 12 win season? Yes, he’s lucky to be back, but at that standard of NCAA Tourney or bust, it feels like he is a dead man walking, doesn’t it?

What can he do in year 6 (if he doesn’t make the tourney) to make you feel like he is worthy of more time?

Is a return to future consistent national relevancy a true possibility or a pipe dream for Nebraska football?

Whether it’s this current staff or not, do you believe that Nebraska can consistently recruit well enough and develop enough to get to national relevancy?

Can Nebraska sell enough hope to keep fans coming back every single year and filling stadium with sellout crowds?  What is it going to take to ever see that go away? Or will it ever get to the point that we don’t have to worry about that?