In honor of Presidents Day, which of Nebraska’s current big-time program coaches is the best leader?

Mike Riley, Tim Miles, or Darin Erstad? Riley is oldest with most experience…but Erstad is a former big-time MLB player who has been to the level where these players want to go. Is Miles in convo at all?

Despite not having dominating stats, it’s obvious that Ed Morrow is a major key to Nebrasketball being successful vs. not successful / Shut Up Sipple

Huskers are 5-2 in conference play with Morrow, and 1-6 without him…10 big points in win vs. Ohio State on Saturday with big rebounds, too

Not a ton of room for error on the team but now that guys are healthy, it’s a different look once again

Billy Devaney says Nebraska isn’t going to concede anything to Michigan and Ohio he just talking a big game or can the Huskers actually catch them?

Sip’s column in Lincoln Journal Star…Sorensen likes the way Devaney thinks but isn’t sold on it being an actual truth….Sip?

Maybe this year is really what turns things around and actually gets top recruits to Nebraska. But we just saw last week that Huskers by one website are perceived as the 30th best coaching job in country…

NBA All-Star Weekend is over…is there any luster to All-Star games anymore?

Dunk contest was terrible, 3-point contest was OK…and the game was lame as usual

Also, Nebrasketball’s version of the weekend…who comes away on current team with awards?b

What can Nebraska do with the Famous Four Dads to capitalize and get more national recruiting attention?

Sip mentions in column that Kurt Warner will be a frequent attender at Husker games…there has to be some sort of video that Kurt Warner/Keyshawn Johnson/Les Miles/Rick Spielman are a part of..right?

Also, Husker baseball has 2 games rained out in desert and splits with UC-Riverside in Friday’s games

Nebrasketball gets a big win at Ohio State…are they about to ride a hot streak the rest of the way?

Trailed the entire game and still get a huge finish to beat Buckeyes, 58-57, to move to 6-8 in B1G play

Michigan State on the road is next, but that’s a winnable game…as are all the rest on the schedule…are they going to get to 9-9 in conference play when all is said and done? (Eron Harris OUT for MSU)

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Recap of Husker Baseball Game 1

Steve Kerr says he doesn’t know if he will play KD and Russ at the same time during the All-Star Game… would you?

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Diaco’s defense calls for a change in mindset as much as it does a change in physical scheme… what will be harder to instill?

Nebraska was surprisingly close to a top-15 class

Four Downs

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Nebrasketball takes on Ohio State

Do the Celtics have an argument for their loss last night? Bock, you mad?

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  • What’s your biggest reason for optimism going into next season for Nebrasketball?
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  • Husker baseball opens their season with a series in Tempe against UC-Riverside

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  • Nebraska is ranked as the 30th most attractive coaching job in college football.
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