The Warriors say they wanted the Clippers to advance because Utah has no nightlife…are they focused enough?

Don’t these quotes from Matt Barnes, Kevin Durant and co. grab your attention if you are Utah, or even Cleveland in the Eastern Conference? Are they even focused on their games or do they feel like it’s been won before the step on the court?

Warriors are becoming easier and easier to dislike.

Is it really reasonable to say ‘tournament or bust’ for Tim Miles this year? / Shut Up Sipple

How can we really expect that after a 12 win season? Yes, he’s lucky to be back, but at that standard of NCAA Tourney or bust, it feels like he is a dead man walking, doesn’t it?

What can he do in year 6 (if he doesn’t make the tourney) to make you feel like he is worthy of more time?

Is a return to future consistent national relevancy a true possibility or a pipe dream for Nebraska football?

Whether it’s this current staff or not, do you believe that Nebraska can consistently recruit well enough and develop enough to get to national relevancy?

Can Nebraska sell enough hope to keep fans coming back every single year and filling stadium with sellout crowds?  What is it going to take to ever see that go away? Or will it ever get to the point that we don’t have to worry about that?

Jim Harbaugh is at it again!

Is Harbaugh just a strange guy or does he have an agenda?

Do you wish Mike Riley would act bizarre like Jim Harbaugh and get more national attention?

All the time in the offseason we hear of random things he does; lately, he sang opera music when interviewed by media; other times, he has invited Ric Flair to National Signing Day, took his family to meet the Pope, and also played paintball in Rome

Mike Riley is as cool and out of the media as it gets…do you like that or sometimes wish that he was outgoing and crazy like Harbaugh?

Do you feel Nebraska fans’ standards dropping at all for their team?

Fans were upset with 7 straight 9+ win seasons, but many are telling themselves the team would have to take a few steps back before they went forward…is that reasonable logic?

As we approach year 3 of Mike Riley, projections exist from anywhere between 5 to 8 wins—and the demand for a 9+ win season feels lower than usual…are fans becoming realistic or just lowering the overall expectation for the team? Kind of the ‘momentum vs. hope’ discussion again

Jazz move on with Game 7 win over Clippers / Anthony Rendon has 10 RBIs in a game for Nats

Is it time to blow up the Clips? Not a good look for the franchise. And what a game for Rendon in MLB!

Where does Nebraska stack up to the rest of the B1G at QB? / Shut Up Sipple

Sip went through the situations and put Nebraska at 5th—behind Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, and Northwestern—but ahead of Wisconsin and many others

Nebraska is definitely getting better at recruiting—but how long will it take to overcome the misses of 2013/14?

Good article by Sam McKewon in World-Herald points out that Nebraska had 52 commitments in those 2 classes—-16 transferred without playing a significant down at NU; 5 never showed up; 3 left early (Collins, Gregory, Finnin—2 good, 1 didn’t pan out); 1 career-ending injury; 8 in program who have never started a game other than STs; 7 finished career at NU; 12 still left and starting

How long will it take to overcome that and build up more talent than can be draftable & win the West?

Randy Gregory reportedly fails another drug test, his 7th since being drafted into the NFL

At what point do you stop feeling sorry for him and start putting the blame on him? Every person controls their own life…and he is throwing his talent away

Also, Husker baseball wins series at Ohio State, 2 games to 1

If you are having your kids specialize in one sport, the NFL Draft showed why you shouldn’t…

Per Tracking Football (a recruiting and athletic analytics site), 30 of the 32 first round picks were multi-sport athletes in high school—-and 88% of all players drafted were multi-sport athletes in high school (222 of the 253)

Urban Meyer has always criticized the notion of being a one-sport athlete…where do you stand on this? Is there a reason to think a one-sport athlete is better than multi-sport in any regard? Will this always be the case?

Nate Gerry gets drafted to the Eagles—but that’s all for Huskers in the 2017 NFL Draft

Huskers’ streak of having at least 2 players drafted snapped at 54 years—and yes, that’s an impressive number! Gerry drafted at end of 5th round by Philadelphia

Others signed as undrafted free agents: Cethan Carter (Bengals); Tommy Armstrong (Vikings, WR); Terrell Newby (Vikings); Alonzo Moore (Chiefs); Jordan Westerkamp (Bucs—tryout); Josh Banderas (Broncos); Brandon Reilly (Bills); Michael Rose-Ivey (Bears); Dylan Utter (Vikings—tryout)

Nebraska had a very large senior class and only had 1 player drafted. Re-assess the talent level or no?