January 19th: Picks of the Weekend! Who’s moving on to the Super Bowl?

-If you root for the Patriots on Sunday, Sorensen will hate you forever…not really, but kind of. GO JAGS!

-Vikings/Eagles….can you imagine if Minnesota loses this game, after the miracle that happened on Sunday, and with a possible home game coming up in the Super Bowl for the first time in NFL HISTORY?!

-More thoughts on Nebrasketball win…

January 19th: Mel Kiper puts 3 QBs in the first round of his initial 2018 NFL Mock Draft…how high will Tanner Lee go because of that?

-Kiper has Josh Allen (Wyoming) going first overall to the Browns; Josh Rosen (UCLA) going second; and also Baker Mayfield getting drafted

-He had Luke Falk (Washington State) going in the 3rd round…could Lee go that high, too?-

January 19th: There’s only one chef in the kitchen for Nebraska football now instead of too many in the Riley era…how much of an impact will that make?

-No more Shawn Eichorst and Billy Devaney looking over the shoulder of the program—this is Scott Frost and Scott Frost’s program only…no hidden agendas or difference in opinions

-How much can solidarity make an immediate impact and ONE TRUE VOICE? Bob Diaco mentioned that once last year but it never really happened at all

-Also, 2 new commits for Husker football!

January 19th: 2 New commits for Husker football…


January 19th: Cary Cochran (Former Husker basketballer)

-Thoughts on win and Jordy’s return..

January 19th: Nebrasketball takes down Michigan in BLOWOUT fashion…where did that come from?

-PBA Magic still alive? Can Nebrasketball keep it going? 12-1 at PBA now this year after a dominating 72-52 win over #23 Michigan…and it wasn’t ever close!

January 18th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-Does Nebrasketball get the win tonight against Michigan? What should they do with Tshimanga?

-Do you believe PBA Magic is real this year or not? (10-1 at home this season, with the one loss a 1-point loss to Kansas)

-Will the Vikings beat the Eagles on Sunday and go to Super Bowl? What do you do with Case Keenum next year if he delivers a Super Bowl appearance/victory?

January 18th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple

-Sipple and Schaefer saw the movie “The Post” this week….Mixed reviews

-Who should we expect for commitments the rest of this week or weekend? Surprised there haven’t been more commits since last weekend’s big visits?

-Will Nebraska land another QB or not? (James Foster, others)

-Is Tanner Lee in the same category as Darnold/Rosen/Mayfield?

January 18th: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

-Schaef is living that charmed life: what was it like to have back-to-back buzzer-beaters for your favorite teams (Vikings/Nebrasketball)? How will sports ever top those 2 days in your lifetime?

-Thoughts on Casey Rogers, Nebraska’s newest commit (6’5, 240 lb DE from Connecticut)—how much does being a lacrosse player help him for football shape?

-Update on Daniel Carson and company….and thoughts on Spring Game moving to April 21

January 18th: Is Tanner Lee really on the same level as Sam Darnold/Baker Mayfield/Josh Rosen?

-Lee went on with Jim Rome yesterday and said that those guys are unbelievable athletes, but he is ‘very, very comparable’ to them in many ways…is he delusional or correct?


January 18th: Nebrasketball hosts Michigan tonight in hoops…can the Huskers maintain their winning ways at home?

-The Wolverines aren’t afraid of anyone—they took down Michigan State by 10 points last weekend at the Breslin Center in East Lansing—and they are the only team that Tim Miles has not beaten in his time in the B1G

-How do you stop Mo Wagner? How much will Jordy play tonight? Will Glynn Watson finally get it going again? What is the key tonight to victory? 8pm tip on BTN

January 18th: Who are the toughest players for Nebraska to replace from last year’s roster for the 2018 football season?

-When you go 4-8, it seems like everyone is likely replaceable…but BTN’s Tom Dienhart lists Chris Jones, Drew Brown, Tanner Lee, Joshua Kalu, and Chris Weber as the toughest guys to replace…anyone else on that list? Nick Gates is probably in the conversation but he, too, had a very disappointing junior season

-What is Nebraska going to do in the secondary? Yes, Kalu and Jones had poor final seasons, but they were still talented guys…who steps up into their starting roles?

-Also, Spring Game moves to April 21 officially