September 15th: 5-star Ohio State recruits are critical of J.T. Barrett…how much should they be listened to? / Shut Up Sipple

-Micah Parsons (who Nebraska, of course, wants) and Jackson Carman—both 5-stars—were critical of J.T. Barrett’s performance against Oklahoma and wanted Barrett’s backup, Dwayne Haskins, to play

-Urban Meyer was not pleased about Parsons’ comments earlier in the week…how much should future players be listened to about the current team? Why are they paid attention to at all, really?

  • jbk

    This twitter stuff, the pros and cons. I think the kid is wrong to do what he did. Meyer is on the hot seat and makes a public stand: JT stays. Now these HS kids come along and basically usurp Meyer on Twitter. Come on. Is that the kind of kid you want in your locker room?