October 12th: Schaefer in studio- Ohio State/Nebraska tickets are selling some places $100 BELOW face value….is that a sign of apathy, fear of embarrassment, or something else?

-To be fair, the weather is projected to be crappy for the game on Saturday…and that certainly might be a factor for why ticket prices are lower. But likely more than that…

-Check this out: Ohio State was favored by 20.5 points @ Indiana in Week 1….favored by 28.5 points @ Rutgers 2 weeks ago…and favored by 24 points @ Nebraska this week. By comparison, is Vegas predicting that Indiana is a better team than Huskers? Is it fair to say that with this or not?

-For those selling tickets, is it because of apathy or just not wanting to see a (potential) embarrassement vs. Ohio State again?