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Is this finally the year that Jim Harbaugh breaks through in the B1G?

-With Ohio State’s awful loss to Purdue, the B1G is in the Wolverine’s hands, as they came in 5th in the AP Poll, the only B1G team in the top 10. Plus, they had a nice win over Michigan State on Saturday….will they run the table the rest of the year and make fans’ patience worth it?

-Where does Ohio State go from here?

Tony Davis (Former Husker RB) / Shut Up Sipple

-What’s the main reason for the resurgence in the run game in last few games? Offensive line or just better playcalling/execution?

-Is that the type of game you see Nebraska ideally being in going forward? Just depend on your offense to outscore the defense?

-Are you surprised at the senior year improvement of Devine Ozigbo?

The monkey is off the back for the Huskers…is the second half of this season bound to be one to remember?

-They had their faults in the Minnesota game, but obviously there were way more positives than negatives. Looking at the schedule the rest of the way, Ohio State looks less scary than they did previously—so you never know there. And Michigan State and Iowa are tough, but we don’t know how things will look for this team now that they have a win under their belt

-Anything less than 4-2 in the 2nd half of the year seems like disappointment now, unless there is a major injury of some sort. Will the team be playing with no fear of failure now that they have the win under their belt and the ugly losing streak is over? Could be one heck of a scary team down the stretch for every opponent…

After Purdue’s blowout win against Ohio State, we ask again….who is going to win the B1G West?

-Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern and Purdue all won again and remain tied at the top….though Northwestern looked pathetic in their win over Rutgers. Purdue BLASTS Ohio State, 49-20, and now, as Sorensen said last week, you cannot forget them in the conversation for the division. How about Jeff Brohm’s squad….my goodness


That’s 2 straight big rushing games for the offense….time to give the offensive line props again

-The last time we gave the o-line props, they had a miserable next game against Troy. Let’s hope they can keep things rolling, and we saw that Ohio State is pretttttttty vulnerable right now….get some confidence going into Columbus in 2 weeks

-Also, Nebraska actually penalty battle….what in the world happened? Only 6 penalties for Nebraska and also a massive interception when the Gophers were in the red zone. Have to be an opportunistic defense and they were on Saturday


-659 yards of offense, 53 points, a comfortable margin of victory, and after 357 days of no wins—the Huskers got the first win of the Scott Frost Era, 53-28 over Minnesota. Damn, it feels good to talk about a win today.

-This win feels like what we should expect in the Frost era. Defense is going to give up yards and points, but still get some turnovers at opportune times and rely on the offense to steamroll opponents.  Can the team build real momentum off of this win?

-Frost audio postgame:

Keys to Nebraska – Minnesota / PICKS OF THE WEEKEND

-Michigan/Michigan State

-Ohio State/Purdue

-NC State/Clemson

-Oregon/Washington State

-Mississippi State/LSU


Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple

Last week: 2-4

-Iowa (-10) vs. Maryland

-Ohio State (-13’) vs. Purdue

-Michigan (-7) vs. Michigan State

-Nebraska (-3’) vs. Minnesota

-Detroit (-1) vs. Miami (NFL)

-Game of week:  Penn State (-14) vs. Indiana

Nebraska is 0-6 on the season…but would you be surprised if they DIDN’T win on Saturday?

-Hold on a second;  Jake and Sip are saying that they’d be surprised if Nebraska LOST even though they are 0-6, and Minnesota just looked pretty decent on the road at Columbus? What is going on here?

-Vegas does have Nebraska favored for a reason…are we just being too optimistic as fans in believing that Nebraska wins tomorrow or does it just seem like it’s the time?

-Frost says the team is still having fun, so that’s a good sign…no shutting down at all..

Does Purdue enter the driver’s seat in the B1G West if they upset Ohio State at home on Saturday?

-We know what you’re saying—oh yeah, right—but don’t count the Boilermakers out of that game, as they ride a 3 game winning streak in and have found something on offense and defense…and the Buckeyes haven’t played great the past 2 games


A team from the conference that Scott Frost just left gives a comparison that Nebraska fans can get behind

-Cincinnati fired Tommy Tuberville after year 4 in 2016 with a 4-8 record, and hired Luke Fickell, who also went 4-8 the next year in his first season (2017)…yet here he is in year 2, at 6-0 and ranked in the top 25

-Nebraska fans are just trying to get a win first before we look too far into the future, but is it crazy to see something similar happening here? Frost claims to see a culture change and improvement right now even though the wins aren’t there yet, so even if they have a worse record or the same as last year, would that seem like a crazy notion?

-Before we get too giddy, though—Mike Riley started year 2 at 7-0, before ending 9-4. Ended up being FAKE NEWS…Frost would have to prove it in year 3

Bill Moos says lack of talent is a reason behind Nebraska’s penalty issues…why are Northwestern and Minnesota so disciplined if it’s a talent issue?

-Moos told the World-Herald this week that Nebraska needs a talent upgrade in order to compete in the B1G, and that regarding penalties, “holding calls and whatnot often have to do with a mismatch in talent”

-If that’s the case, why are Northwestern and Minnesota 1st and 2nd respectively in the B1G in penalties? They certainly aren’t the most talented teams, but are disciplined enough to have few flags called against them still. What’s the reason behind that if talent is the issue for Nebraska’s high amount of penalties?

-Frost audio from Thursday…