Early Break

Nebraska fans are truly incredible—not only was there a massive turnout at Fan Day, but the Husker Volleyball Red-White scrimmage was SOLD OUT

-This state is really buzzing right now—not saying that the scrimmage wouldn’t be sold out even in Mike Riley was still here, because volleyball has been very successful for a long time and has loyal fans—but seeing that type of response all over Nebraska events on Saturday was amazing to see

An elite Georgia high school football team protests against their coach to lighten up practices, and he agrees….but is this treatment more common than people might think? / Shut Up Sipple

-Christian Hunnicutt is the coach of Grayson High School, the No. 1 team last year in Class 7A in Georgia, and players said he called them soft and had several incidents of players being hospitalized for being overworked through injuries…we saw this at Maryland with DJ Durkin, but how common is it?

Scott Frost says Nebraska will have a QB decision by midweek or by the end of this week…can he make a wrong decision?

-Is this a win/win for Frost? Like Jake and Sip have been saying, it feels like a lot of the fanbase wants Martinez to start off the bat since he fits the offense that Frost wants to run better than Gebbia does.

The S.I. Jinx has already hit Wisconsin and the season hasn’t even begun

-Remember how Sports Illustrated picked Wisconsin to be in the College Football Playoff, and everyone said the jinx was on? Well, star WR Quintez Cephus announced on Saturday that he is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team to take care of a legal matter he says he shouldn’t even be involved in….what does this mean for the Badgers?


A CBS Sports survey of anonymous FBS coaches finds that James Franklin is tied for the most overrated coach in the country in coaches’ minds…is that fair?

-Dennis Dodd reports that 1/5 of the 129 coaches responded to the survey and said that Franklin and Willie Taggert were both at 20% of responses of the most overrated coach in the nation, and one anonymous coach said that everyone knows that Franklin is ‘full of it’

-Is that fair for Franklin? 2 straight 9 win seasons at VANDERBILT…and then had a rough start at Penn State but really has found it the past 2 seasons. Can you say that about him? Ferentz was 3rd…

The BTN crew was in town over the weekend and were impressed by what they saw…but can you accept a comparison to Purdue?

-Jake thinks Sip misinterpreted a tweet from Gerry Dinardo, which said that Nebraska’s transition this year looks like Purdue’s transition from last year. What’s wrong with that? Purdue made massive strides, nearly beat Louisville in the FIRST WEEK last season, and made noise all year long. That’s not an insult from Dinardo, and it’s not saying they have the same talent level. It’s just saying it’s been a massive change

-Other thoughts from Dinardo, Howard Griffith, and Dave Revsine from BTN and audio from coaches…

Scott Frost talks today after practice…will he be happy or frustrated with where the QBs are?

-Mario Verduzco said Wednesday that a decision will be made soon….maybe Scott Frost hints at who it is today…what other questions for the head man?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Will Frost give any hint to who the QB is today after practice? Would Gebbia starting be a bummer to the fanbase who thinks Martinez is the next big thing?

-Has Maurice Washington already leaped to the No. 2 RB for this season? So much for the redshirt talk…

-Has your feeling for how the season will go changed from what you felt on the first day of Fall camp

Is QB right now the biggest concern on Nebraska’s team as Fall Camp is in full stride? And if so, has it always been that way and do you feel better about the team than before camp?

-We knew QB would be a concern entering camp, but also knew that Gebbia and Martinez both had high potential and figured they could learn the offense quickly. But, we had lots of questions about the secondary and other parts…has that changed?

-And if QB is the biggest issue, with what you’re hearing about the race, do you feel good about the season now, if you didn’t before?

-Are we feeling good about the secondary too soon? Pass rush also might be the biggest concern still…

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau

-Capital City Ribfest, All Corvette Show, Nebraska Sports Council Mud Run, and a giveaway!


Florida company wants Nebraska fans to stop releasing balloons….who do they think they are telling us what to do?

-Balloons Blow is a Florida company that is put up a billboard on Highway 2 encouraging Nebraska and its fans to stop using balloons at Husker games because it’s a hazard to the environment. Good luck with that one…

-Do you want to see the balloons go or not?

The Grant Wistrom and Jason Peter audio is out from their talk with the team, and boy, is it good…are you as jacked as these guys are?

-The audio was as good as you expect and well-edited, so no Morse Code necessary as Jason Peter hinted at. But give it a listen for yourself…’every snap is a fight’ was among many of the things that stood out from the duo

-Can this message resonate regularly? Not just a one day speech and then it’s gone? It’s beautiful to hear the energy and passion from Peter and Wistrom….have to feel that all ex-players feel the same way