Early Break

June 22nd: The game show was weak

June 22nd: Parker Gabriel(Lincoln Journal Star) /Hang up on Happer

June 22nd: The Big Ten Conference has made Nebraska rich beyond its’ wildest dreams, but do you feel at home?

June 22nd: The NBA Draft happened last night and probably the only interesting storyline happened with a reporter on twitter

June 22nd: Mike Riley just confirmed what we already knew

June 22nd: MLB is coming to Omaha in a perfect event all around, except for one key component

June 21st: A final preview from Mike Schaefer of what to expect this Friday at Friday Night Lights

-We know Luke McCaffrey is in town, any other big names coming to town?

-Also, a Schaefer update on the World Cup

June 21st: If you want to play football for Nebraska, you’d better not have a bad history on Twitter / Shut Up Sipple

-Frost told recruits at a recent camp that players need to be careful of what they say on social media, because the staff will do a deep dive to see a player’s character and what they’ve said in the past….is anyone really safe with those guidelines?

June 21st: Nebraska will open the 2020 season against Purdue…do you wish they’d play a conference team off the bat more often?

-The 2020 non-conference schedule was altered yesterday, and Schaefer isn’t impressed, with Central Michigan, Cincinnati and South Dakota State all on the schedule; no real marquee games…but that’s a different story

-We’ve asked the question before if you want to play a big team to start the season year, but even if you don’t want to play a big non-conference team, could you make it a tradition to play a B1G team to start the year? Does that help with anticipation?

June 21st: Tonight is the NBA Draft…what are the biggest storylines? Will you watch?

-Several players are in contention for the No. 1 spot for the Phoenix Suns…will we see any big trades at all?


June 21st: The Royals and Tigers will play at TD Ameritrade next year before the College World Series…can this be an ongoing tradition?

-The Royals are obviously interesting because of Alex Gordon, but not much otherwise—they are downright terrible, and so are the Tigers

-Will Omaha turn out for it? And will other MLB teams sacrifice a home game to get new eyes in front of them? Or is it always bound to be the Royals because their Triple-A affiliate is in Omaha?

June 21st: Bill Moos confirms the Tunnel Walk will stay the same in 2018 for Husker football…can it get its vigor back, though?

-We discussed yesterday if Memorial Stadium was still intimidating, and the main answer was ‘no’ from listeners…when it comes to the Tunnel Walk, most people just want to see the players getting jacked to play and not just walking on the field, uninspired

-Really makes you wonder how the players seemed so disinterested before games last year. It ruined the vibe of the Tunnel Walk, which needs to come back