Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Mike Riley adjusting practice structure. Innovative or inevitable disaster?

Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star

Mike Riley’s press conference, did Sip think he looked comfortable with that N on his chest? New format for Spring Football, could it be more effective considering the circumstances? Tommy Armstrong will have o fight for his job, but does have a leg up, what will he have to do to keep it?

If you were initially on the fence about the ‪#‎Huskers‬ hiring Mike Riley, has your opinion changed now?

Huskers at today’s press conference pulled no punches. Do you like seeing brutal honesty from the Nebraska players?Also, Nebraska is going to change a lot of things about how the operate, are these likely to produce good results?

Drop the Puck on Drop the Mike

Goals going into the final stretch of the season, and how does Chris keep the players motivated as the season winds down?

Robin Washut, Husker Online

Reaction to Mike Riley’s press conference, does he seem to be transitioning well to a more demanding job? How interested are you to see how his new style of Spring Ball works? Also, Nebrasketball @ Illinois, 9pm start, what the ****? Does Nebraska have a shot to win this one on the road?

Huskers S Nate Gerry says, “Banker is letting us loose” on defense. How much could an attack-style D benefit Nebraska?

Also, CBs are excited to be on islands, should they be?

Four Downs w/ Linsey Lynn btb Valentino’s (“$uh” billboards in Detroit, fair or disrespectful?)

Jordan Westerkamp discusses the new strength and conditioning program. Is this the most underrated part of the new staff?

Also, Mike Riley talks about what type of attitude he will instill in Spring practice.

Tommy Armstrong will not be considered a throwing RB anymore. Is that a good idea?

Also, Nebraska is dividing the team into 2 different teams to accommodate Spring Practice. Good idea?

Who will be Nebraska’s biggest competition in the Big Ten West?

Nebraska needs more scout team heroes like Rudy