Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Where’s the biggest area Keith Williams needs to help Huskers Wideouts improve?

Also, Oklahoma vs. Michigan State brings about a bet between Welch and Bock. The gauntlet has been laid down.

Brian Christopherson (Huskers Football Writer, Lincoln Journal Star)

Nebraska fans clearly still hate Texas, how intense do you expect the atmosphere at Haymarket Park to be this weekend? Any memory from Texas that fuels the hate the most? Randy Gregory fails a drug test, does this bring his dedication into question? Keith Williams video, how badass was that thing?

Huskers vs. Longhorns in baseball this weekend. Do you still hate Texas as much as you did when Nebraska was in the Big 12?

Also, will we see any option offense with Mike Riley? Should we?

Wheel of Foam (btb Discount City Liquor)

Movie: Friday Night Lights

Michael Bruntz (Nebraska Reporter, 24/7 Sports)

Nebraska vs. Texas in baseball, how intense will the atmosphere be? How big of a test is this for the Huskers? Does this squad have a legit shot at winning the Big Ten? Also, RG4 fails a drug test. Keith Williams Huskers Hype Video, how impressive has he been so far?

White Men Can’t Jump came out on this day in 1992. What’s the best basketball movie of all time?

Also, Tim Miles will be the first Nebrasketball coach to ever coach in NABC All-Star game. Will this help Huskers recruiting?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn btb Valentino’s (Kevin Durant out for the season, can OKC compete in the playoffs without him?)

Wichita East High School reportedly tells special needs student to remove varsity letter. Should the principal be fired?

Do you believe Kentucky can be beat?

Keith Williams video released. What has the new wideouts coach bring to the Huskers?

Also, is this high school out of line? Story about a kid with down syndrome being forced to remove his letter jacket comes out of Wichita.

Will Randy Gregory failing a drug test at the NFL Combine hurt Nebraska?

Also, does WVU have a shot vs. Kentucky?