Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Welch’s Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time

Where will “Elf” fall on the list?

Brian Christopherson (Huskers Football Writer, Lincoln Journal Star)

Brian’s thoughts on the Gangwish situation. What will Nebraska’s RB position look like in 2015? How will that impact the QB position? Mike Riley is offering a bunch of LBs, how different will this defense look? Anymore on potential staff hires?

Jack Gangwish suspended for 1st half of the Holiday Bowl for racoon selfie incident. What?

How in the world?

Wheel of Foam btb Discount City Liquor

Movie: Christmas Vacation. Also, woman arrested for assaulting her grandma after an argument about the grandma not accepting her Facebook friend request. Wait, what?

Adam Carriker (Former Husker, NFL DE)

Also, Kendall Bussey’s announcement. How much does Nebraska really need Bussey?

Are you excited to see Nebraska’s new attack-style defense?

Also, how much did keeping Charlton Warren impact the direction of this team?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn btb Valentino’s (How excited is Hugh Freeze for his team’s mediocre GPA?)

Jeremy Crabtree (Senior Writer, ESPN)

How does Jeremy expect Mike Riley to do when it comes to recruiting at Nebraska? Is the Mike Riley hire a step up for Nebraska? Does Jeremy expect Kendall Bussey to commit to Nebraska today?

Mike Riley has been all over recruiting, offering 4 and 5 stars almost daily. Are you pumped for the future of the Huskers?

Also, what could happen with this offense in the Holiday Bowl we can draw for the next year?

RB Kendall Bussey makes his announcement tomorrow, will he choose Nebraska?

Also, Nebraska just announced their team awards, does anything stand out to you?