Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Johnny Manziel in hot water again

–Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend alleges he forced her into a car and threatened to kill both of them.  Manziel says he’s fully focused on football now…but is it too little too late for the Browns QB?

–Also, several of Super Bowl 50’s biggest (projected) impact players were two-stars back in the day….


Mitch Sherman (CFB Reporter, ESPN)

– Does Mike Riley now have the blueprint to Huskers recruiting?

Was there a major difference between Huskers going 6-7 and 9-4?

– Many people feel like it was about the same considering the minor details. Is there validity to that?
– Would it really be National Signing Day if “guy who makes everything about Bo Pelini” wasn’t chiming in?
– Also, is there more hope for the future because of how 6-7 went? More worry?

Panthers CB Josh Norman sees “no weakness” in Peyton Manning’s arm. How true is this?

– Do players appear tired of all the questions? Are you?

Jacksonville Mayor arrested for driving a cop car high and pulling people over. Most epic overall report ever?

– Just when you think, “this can’t get any worse” KABOOM! It gets worse.
– Also, Michael Irvin wants Cowboys to “rescue” Johnny Manziel, good idea?

What is Tim Miles calmly saying to referees to get a technical foul?

– It might be the greatest mystery in Nebrasketball history. Can we crack the code?
– How much of it is referees having thin skin?
– Also, study says college students spend 1/5 of their class time on the phone instead of learning. Is that a modest estimate?

4 More 4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn (Bill Self upset with one of his players throwing down a late dunk. Should he be?)

News reporter can’t handle the term “Emergency Defecation Situation.” I mean, could you?

– Where does this rank on the biggest news blunders around?
– Also, Mark Onwiler’s Tweet of the Day

Is innovation the biggest advantage Huskers can have in CFB?

– Looking back at “what made Nebraska different?” during glory days could give us the answer.
– What is next in CFB innovation?
– Also, Urban Meyer clearly frustrated with his #3 class, is he justified in doing so?

Lions believe they can get Calvin Johnson to reconsider retirement, will it work?

– Why retire if you’re one of the best wideouts in the game? Why does this happen in Detroit?
– Susan Sarandon (69) made headlines with her cleavage at the SAG awards, is there an age where you need to tone it down?

Robin Washut (Senior Writer, Husker Online)

– Will Tim Miles be able to land a big man to help Nebrasketball in 2016-17?

Does Mike Riley have a recruiting blue print that will only get stronger?

  • Is Mike Riley taking shots at Harbaugh, or staying more focused on himself?
  • Nebrasketball loses by 5 to #4 Maryland last night, what stuck out the most in that game?
  • Also, cereal addict fears his 13 bowls per day is too much.  Is there any cereal you could eat 13 bowls of it in a day?