Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Mike Welch with Jordan Westerkamp and Sam Burtch

How good is Tommy Armstrong now, versus last season?

Mitch Sherman

Bo Pelini at B1G Media Days, Josh Mitchell says Richard Sherman has nothing on him, and how good could Nebraska’s 2014 defense be?

How good could the 2014 Husker Defense be?

Hear from Randy Gregory and Vincent Valentine. Combine talent, chemistry, and mentality, gonna be beastly

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Movie: Something with Matt Damon

Robin Washut (Senior Writer, Husker Online)

New Huskers hoops commit, Tommy Armstrong with the media today, and how much Imani Cross has improved his game.

2014 Huskers seem to have a lot of chemistry, does that make you feel better about the season?

Hear Mike Welch with WRs Jordan Westerkamp and Sam Burtch

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Dan Hoppen (Husker Online)

Randy Gregory scares the entire B1G, Kenny Bell looking to resurge, and Huskers alternate jerseys.

Armstrong says Huskers want their identity to be smash mouth football, you excited?

Also, New alternate uniforms for 2014

Do you expect a resurgence from Kenny Bell in 2014?

Bo Pelini had a talk with Kenny Bell about handling pressure.