Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Are Huskers a 2015 CFB Playoff Sleeper? (National ESPN writer says yes)

Would Nebraska have to go undefeated to get into the CFB Playoff? Should Danny Langsdorf be on the sideline for Nebraska’s games?

Wheel of Foam (btb Discount City Liquor) (Zoolander)

Also, Bock is really upset, almost weirdly upset about something Purdue hasn’t done yet. Should he be?

Brian Christopherson (Huskers Football Writer, Lincoln Journal Star)

Will Danny Langsdorf be on the sidelines instead of the booth 2015? What can that do for the offense and Tommy Armstrong? Blackshirts to be handed out before the first game, do you like this approach? How much has this staff embraced the Huskers history? Will Illinois be better without Tim Beckman?

Blackshirts will be handed out before the first game, Riley and staff knows who is getting them. Is this a good approach?

Coaches taking a true interest in the Blackshirts. Why is it important to go with the old school tradition of the Blackshirts? Patch? How well balanced is this Huskers team?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn (Are neutral site games good for CFB?)

Virginia Tech going to start fining player stipends for breaking team rules. Is this over the line?

How does this not make them employees? Do you get fined at work for coming late to a meeting? Should we start fining Welch when he accidentally says Russell Wilson instead of Russell Westbrook?

Some say the Huskers WR corps is the key to success for Nebraska in 2015, are they?

Is the offense the #1 key, or is there more pressure on the defense to improve from last year? Also, who will win the battle for the other safety spot on the defense?

Did Mike Riley handle things well in his first call-in radio show as Huskers head coach?

How strong was Husker Nation out there with the questions? Also, Also, RGIII is apparently the worst QB in the history of Madden. Why isn’t Madden near as good as it used to be?

Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

Omaha TE Noah Fant commits to Iowa, is this a big deal? Is Nebraska so stacked at the TE position, some don’t see playing time there? Nebraska considering having Danny Langsdorf on the sidelines during games, is that a good idea? Tim Beckman fired, how huge is this considering the timing? Could Illinois be even better without Tim Beckman?

Mike Riley “strongly considering” having Huskers OC Danny Langsdorf on sideline, should he?

What benefits are there in having the OC on the sideline? What negatives are there? Tim Beckman fired by Illinois, does this wreck their season? Will Bill Cubit be the new coach?

How Likely is it Nebraska finishes the season in the Top 25?

Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journals Star

Should Nebraska fans expect to see a more pass-heavy offense in the beginning of the season? Is that more because of the coaching staff or what the players do well? Will any of these RBs separate during the season? Can Tommy Armstrong handle a more pass-oriented offense? How much will the OL factor into this situation? Is it better than it was last year? Should we be worried about Bando being out?