Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Which Huskers Player Could Have The Biggest Impact vs Miami?

There will always be non-believers, only hardware shuts them up

Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star

What will the atmosphere look like vs Miami? How different will the offense look against a much more talented opponent? Nebraska needs to force more takeaways, if they do, are they elite?

Do You Expect The Huskers To Keep The Big Play Offense Going vs Miami?

Joe Keels starting to emerge as solid depth at DE for Blackshirts

Drop The Puck On Drop The Mike

CFB Matrix, Dave Bartoo

How important is Nebraska vs Miami for the national perception of Nebraska? How much real noise is this Husker offense making? Jameis being Jameis. Also, could the Big Ten look any worse than it does right now?

Would You Want our Favorite NFL Team To Draft Jameis Winston?

How has the emphasis on players behaving in the NFL affected draft prospects? (Ameer)

Four Downs With Linsey Lynn

Robin Washut, Husker Online

Huskers defense looking to create more turnovers, and how much Randy Gregory will impact that. How important is Kenny Bell to Nebraska’s offense? What will the atmosphere look like Saturday at Memorial?

New Balls vs. Old Balls ….. How Huskers may have fixed their TO problem

How big of a concern is the lack of takeaways?

What do you expect to see from Tommy Armstrong vs. Miami?

Also, Tommy is on pace to be All-B1G, will he get there?