Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Would Husker fans storming the field after a win against Iowa be acceptable?

Would it make you feel better if you said they were storming the field for bowl eligibility?

Josh Harvey (Big Red Report, Scout.com)

Are Huskers players more fired up to beat Iowa, or get to a bowl game at 6-6?

If this game Nebraska-Iowa becomes an Armstrong vs. Beathard QB Battle, will Huskers win?

Will Huskers QB Tommy Armstrong be able to minimize mistakes and lead Huskers to victory over #3 Iowa? Can Armstrong afford to play “just don’t turn it over” football, or is Iowa’s defense too good? Also, news conference announced for tomorrow morning to give updates on the sex assault investigation at Huskers players’ house. What could we learn?

Is it fair to ask Huskers fans to be patient for championships?

Have Nebraska fans already show infinite amounts of patience? So what can change going forward?

Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

Will Keyshawn Johnson Jr. be in attendance for Nebraska-Iowa?

SI breaks down “most ejected” fanbases in the Big Ten. Are Huskers fans ranked where you would expect?

Is it surprising to see so many Wisconsin fans be high on this list?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn (What the heck is a “man period” and why do 25% of males believe they have one?)

Big Ten announces new award which involves Huskers history. Is the conference making an effort to include Nebraska?

Does this make you feel like Nebraska is more connected to the Big Ten Conference?

Also, Tom Brady angrily yelling at his OL throws a double-standard in people’s faces they don’t like to hear.

Do you want honesty, or positivity from Huskers sports media?

A sports radio station in Detroit is in hot water over negative hosts angering the team. Is this okay? Do GMs and administrators need their own “safe space” where everyone is super stoked on them?Also, what will the Open Mike Postgame Show sound like if Nebraska wins Friday?

Johnny Manziel benched by Browns over video of him partying. Has Cleveland ruined Johnny Football?

How does Mike Pettine even have a head coaching job?

Maliek Collins discusses trying to play the spoiler vs. Iowa, is it kind of cool for Huskers to play this role?

How in the world did Nebraska end up in a season where they could beat 2 Top 10 teams, but lose to Purdue and Illinois?

News conference scheduled for updates in sex assault case at Huskers players’ home. What will happen?

Does this end a ridiculous Iowa fan conspiracy about the Lincoln PD holding off on updates until after the game? Also, Nebraska’s offense is ranked #2 in the Big Ten, Nebraska’s defense is ranked #11 in the Big Ten, how do they fix the obvious problem?