Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Big Ten Media predicts the West Division, where is Nebraska?

Will Jordan Stevenson choose Nebraska to stick it to Wisconsin?

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

Will Nebraska land 4-star RB Jordan Stevenson over Alabama?

How big would it be if Nebraska were able to land Jordan Stevenson?

Adrian Peterson says he will set the rushing record, will he?

Will Huskers RB Ameer Abdullah win the starting job for the Detroit Lions?

Will Nebraska be able to replace Ameer Abdullah a bit better than expected?

Also, Seahawks offer Russell Wilson $21M/year, and he appears disinterested. Are you serious?

4 More Downs with Linsey Lynn brought to you by Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso (Chip Kelly not worried about Sam Bradford getting injured, should he be?)

Reggie Jackson erupts on autograph seeker. Was Reggie in the right to react how he did?

Which CFB coaches are on the hottest seat heading into the 2015 season?

Study says Drunk couples are happier couples. Does that sounds about right?

Royals trade for Johnny Cueto, does this make KC the favorite to win the World Series?

Also, Cubs fans calling for team to trade for Cole Hamels, would it make sense?

Harvard study breaks down NFL division winners. Do you trust Harvard when it comes to sports?

Are academics important in attracting big-time football players?

Also, does Antonio Brown now have the coolest car in the NFL?

Michael Bruntz (Nebraska Reporter, 24/7 Sports)

Will the Huskers land highly-touted RB Jordan Stevenson? What could that kind of player at this point of the process mean fro Nebraska? Is this big not only because of the caliber of player but because Nebraska is going head-to-head against Alabama for him? What are you looking forward to during Big Ten Media Days? Will Jim Harbaugh fight someone?

As a Huskers fan, if you could ask Mike Riley one question at Big Ten Media days, what would it be?

Welch will pick the best submission and ask it at Big Ten Media Days later this week.

Nebraska in on a RB who didn’t academically qualify at Wisconsin, how good of a get would this be?

Does Nebraska have a great shot at landing Jordan Stevenson?

Which CFB programs are the most similar to Huskers?

Also, is Brady Hoke the boogie man?

Brian Christopherson (Huskers Football Writer, Lincoln Journal Star)

Is BYU being built up as the boogie man for Huskers or are they a legit threat?