Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

What is the best case scenario for the Huskers QB situation?

Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

Are people forgetting the Huskers have some really talented RBs? Will Nebraska still be a top 20 rushing team, as they have every year since joining the Big Ten? How much will offensive production rely on Tommy Armstrong? Should people expect the offensive line to at least be better at protecting Tommy?

Is any concern over Mike Riley’s age (61) blown out of proportion?

Also, is most of the offense going to rely on Tommy Armstrong? Is that a bad thing?

How do you take pressure off your QB after building an offense around him?

Golf Talk with Chris Thomson (Director of Golf, Wilderness Ridge Golf Club)

How to stop TOPPING the ball with your driver. The sure-fire way for you to stop having the most annoying thing in golf happen to you. Check out Golf Doctors, an amazing way to improve your game.

Does Bryce Harper getting unfairly ejected yesterday indicate the jealousy most the MLB has toward him?

Peyton Manning was dead wrong on Letterman, so let us fix it.

Is Kyle Korver afraid of LeBron James?

Man strips naked at airport, wait until you hear why.

BREAKING QB Patrick O’Brien is N! Are you fired up to see ‪#‎Huskers‬ grab 2 QBs in 2016?

Also, the Big ten Spring meetings were all about “reform”, but is that really just a load of you know what?

4 More Downs With Linsey Lynn btb Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso (Darrelle Revis thinks Tom Brady shouldn’t get special treatment. Is Revis in position to make that statement?)

Mitch Sherman (CFB Reporter, ESPN)

Mitch wrote a preview of Nebraska in 2015, how will the 2015 Huskers beat teams? What is the feel about the trajectory of Big Ten football at the Big Ten Spring meetings? There was some discussion about stipends for student athletes to cover the full cost of attendance, how close are we to that?

Will Nebraska’s success in 2015 comes down to QB play?

Also, will Wisconsin’s success will come down to QB play?

Minnesota is super ticked about being disrespected all offseason, do they have a right to be?

Will Nebraska’s home-field advantage will be restored in full force under Mike Riley?

Also, Alex Gordon’s 4-year-old son does a hilarious impression of Alex. Is a dead-on?

Ahman Green (Former Husker, NFL RB, Actor)

Ahman has a part in Batman vs. Superman, is this the best moment of your life? How did you get the part? How would you describe your Batman fandom? Is Mike Riley the hero Nebraska needs? Ameer Abdullah going to the Lions in the 2nd round, what do you think of his game?

Will Nebraska have a Top 20 rushing attack in 2015 like they have every year since joining the Big Ten?

Also, will all of Nebraska’s offense come down to QB play?

Colts punter Pat McAfee upset about Ryan Tannehill’s new contract. Roid rage?