Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Will the 2016-17 Nebrasketball squad make history?

  • Both dominoes fell the way of the Huskers. With AW3 and Jordy, what are the expectations?

Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

  • Will Huskers land Utah grad transfer DT Steve Tu’ikolovatu?

Mike Riley does an interview on KETV, expects big things from Tommy Armstrong. Will he get them?

  • Why do so many people believe Armstrong will take a large step forward?
  • Is that the catalyst for many projecting Nebraska as a dark horse contender?
  • Also, Art Briles and Ken Starr fired amid a scandal involving covering up sexual assault. Will sanctions be brought against Baylor?
  • Also, Amish teens drive a dodge caravan faster than anyone ever should. Do you know it’s bad when even Amish teen drivers are irresponsible?

If the NBA Finals ends up Thunder vs. Cavs, who will win?

  • Golden State has to pull a near miracle, and does anybody actually have faith in Toronto?
  • Also, wrestling coach caught his wrestlers selling Xanax, is how he handled it pretty stupid?

Has an athlete/famous person ever snubbed you for an autograph as badly as Barry Bonds did Joc Pederson?

  • Joc Pederson in an interview tells the story of Barry Bonds snubbing him for an autograph. One former MLB player once big-timed Welch when he was 9 years old, who was it?
  • Also, Screech from “Saved By The Bell” arrested… again. Barstool Sports asks a very important Screech question: Would you rather be Screech or just a normal dude?

Which awful musicians would you use to get Huskers fans to boo during the opposing team’s FG kicks?

  • Cavs show pictures of Canadians Drake and Justin Bieber to spark booing during Raptors free throws. Brilliant or boorish?
  • Also, Art Briles fired, are we in a new era of college football where standards trump winning?
  • Also, British guy takes 75 shots, almost dies, vows to drink again the next night. Can anybody come close to topping that?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn (Johnny Depp screws himself by not signing a prenup, why are people so opposed to prenups?)

  • Also, Cowboys QB Tony Romo wants to play 4 or 5 more years, can he?

Map of the most googled questions by state. Is Nebraska’s the best? Weirdest? Funniest?

  • We also answer some of the most interesting questions from around the country.
  • Also, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever had to google?

Art Briles and Ken Starr fired from Baylor amid scandal. Will Baylor be able to get a solid replacement for Briles?

  • Who comes to mind?
  • How much of that has to do with potential discipline against the school itself?
  • How does this impact the Big 12 as a whole?
  • Also, Andrew White III back with Nebrasketball. How fired up are fans?
  • Also, North Carolina banning skinny jeans. What will Welch do!?

Is the way Mike Riley sells Lincoln a big reason for the uptick in recruiting?

  • Mike Riley speaks with KETV, and he is still selling even in interviews. Is that a main quality of his?
  • Also, Lil’ Wayne and Birdman used to make crazy Madden bets, have you ever made one?

Andrew White III joins Mike Welch to talk Nebrasketball

AW3 joins the show to discuss with Welch his reasons for withdrawing from the NBA Draft and returning to Nebraska.

Andrew White III returns to Nebrasketball, does this mean the Huskers are NCAA Tournament or bust?

  • What will the lineup look like with AW3 in it?
  • Also, Art Briles fired from Baylor. Was it the right move by Baylor? Did they have any other choice?
  • Will sanctions be brought against Baylor?
  • Also, Donald Trump reportedly has locked down the republican bid. Who saw this coming a year ago?