Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Keys to Victory for Nebraska over Rutgers (Jersey Shore Edition)

Can the Blackshirts shut down Gary Brova?

Brian Christopherson (Huskers Football Writer, Lincoln Journal Star)

How does Nebraska avoid a slip up game vs. Rutgers? Considering Rutgers has had issues in the secondary, should we expect to see a little more pass? How good are these Blackshirts?

What part of this Huskers team gives you the most confidence they’ll take care of Rutgers like they should?

Also, which player will have the biggest game vs. the Scarlet Knights?

Wheel of Foam btb Discount City Liquor

Movie: The Wedding Singer

Adam Carriker (Former Husker, NFL DE)

How much momentum from a big 2nd half @ NW can carry over to the game vs. Rutgers? How good is Nebraska’s DL considering their depth? Also, 16 blackshirts handed out this week.

Which Husker do you think is ready for a breakout game vs. Rutgers?

Also, the OL starting this week will be the same that started last week. Why?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn btb Valentino’s

Will we start to see WR Brandon Reilly get more involved vs. Rutgers?

Ned Yost’s starting lineup for Game 3 of the World Series looks like it was put together by George Costanza

How does Nebraska come out and dominate Rutgers like they’re supposed to?

Also, first home game in a month, do you expect the Sea of Red to be fired up despite the 11am start?

Does Nebraska have the best DL in the country?

Also, how will the return of David Santos help Nebraska LB corps?