Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

Jason Peter gives a major reality check to the current Huskers team. Are ex-Huskers embarrassed right now?

-We constantly speak about how 2-3 feels for fans, but what about the players who actually put the banners up?

Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

-Would Nebraska pull RB Jordan Stevenson’s redshirt to just return kickoffs, or would he get a look at IB?  Are we in for another ugly game on Saturday?  Why haven’t the Huskers generated more takeaways?  Will it come with time?  Are we supposed to be patient?  Jason Peter got super angry today, is there a feel from this team that they don’t appreciate where they are?

If his redshirt is pulled, would RB Jordan Stevenson be the spark the Huskers need to get on the right track?

-How different is a HR-hitting IB than the guys who have been getting carries so far this season?

-What is the most important question when it comes to if Jordan Stevenson can play IB?

-Does a player like Stevenson take pressure off of Tommy Armstrong?

-Also, Ex-Husker Jason Peter goes off on lack of Huskers passion.  Is it evident?

An important message for Husker fans attending Saturday’s game vs. Wisconsin

Chris Emma (Nebraska grad, reporter/columnist for CBS Sports Chicago)

-What is the national perception of the 2-3 Huskers at this point?  Are people already jumping ship on Mike Riley?  Cubs are in the NLDS as Jake Arrieta continues his historic run, how good is this team?  Is Joe Maddon the major reason these guys are playing so well?

Do Huskers have the right attitude to bounce back from 2-3?

-Jason Peter feels the Huskers are soft, and Riley needs to change.  Is he right?

-Also, is there a lack of cohesiveness in Huskers right now?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn

-Opening with deadspin story about chlamydia because we do nothing but classy radio

Should Huskers adopt Rex Ryan’s method to cut down on penalties?

-Why does punishment work for football players?
-Also, Andrew Luck is still hurt, does this excuse his rough start?

Former Husker Jason Peter says ex-DL Rick Kaczenski is having negative conversations with players on current Huskers team.

– How damaging can that be?
-Is it blown a little out of proportion?
-Is it shocking considering how things ended?
-Also, how magnified is every negative when the team is 2-3?

Will Huskers be able to start creating more turnovers?

-What has been the issue so far?
-Is a big part of this just comfortability?

Dan Hoppen (Husker Online)

How could Jordan Stevenson help Nebraska right now? Jason Peter went off, accused everybody of being soft, is every negative magnified when the team is losing the way Nebraska is losing? Can they fix a lot of that with a win vs. Wisconsin? Cubs are good, how incredible is it to see the Cubs get their first postseason win since 2003? Is Jake Arrieta a cyborg?

Is Husker FR RB Jordan Stevenson going to have his redshirt pulled for the Wisconsin game?

-Important message for people calling pulling a redshirt at 2-3 a waste of time
-Would it make sense if it was only for the Huskers 106th ranked KR game?
-Would Jordan Stevenson be used at RB?
-Also, Jason Peter explodes on G&S