Drop the Mike w/ Mike Welch

What will the Huskers CB depth chart look like to start Fall Camp?

Also, Kobe is mad at the media because nobody likes him.

Bryan Munson (Rivals)

SI writer says Huskers should return to a pure option offense, do you agree? Can Nebraska get the players to compete at a high level? Where does the national perception that they can’t come from? How quickly do you think the Nebraska offense will click for the players? People are always afraid when they hear the term pro-style in any capacity, but do you think they’ll be happy the second the Huskers go under center when it’s 1st and Goal from the 1 yard line?

SI Writer Andy Staples says Huskers should return to a pure option offense. Should they?

Would the ceiling be conceivably lower in today’s college football for an option offense? Is the idea Nebraska can’t get elite talent something Mike Riley will reveal as a myth?

Ask Whatever Wednesday

Every Wednesday at 4:45, you ask whatever question you want, then Welch and Bock will answer it. Could be Huskers related, non-Huskers related, even non-sports related. Featured Question this week: How old is too old to wear a jersey when not going to a sporting event?

Dan Hoppen (Husker Online)

Nebraska football has been on a recruiting tear, do you think they can keep the momentum going? What has changed for this staff? How much credit should we give Ryan Gunderson and Andy Vaughn? Is any staff in the country dominating social media better than Nebraska? Are you offended by the way Adidas “creates” alternate jerseys?

Jim Harbaugh has a disastrous interview on national radio today. Will he flame out at Michigan?

How much of the “clunker” interview was the fault of the host? Also, DeSean Jackson says the Eagles tried to run a “smear campaign” against him. Is he justified in that?

4 More Downs w/ Linsey Lynn btb Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso (Tiger Woods cheated on Lindsay Vonn with Jason Dufner’s ex-wife. Is this less shocking than Johnny Stanton transferring from Nebraska?)

Is it dirty to use stalling tactics in sports like Hope Solo did last night, or is it just part of the game?

Also, Anthony Davis signs the biggest contract in the NBA. Will we see Free Agents start to flock to New Orleans? What has been the biggest surprise so far in NBA Free Agency?

Ranking Big Ten WRs, how high are Jordan Westerkamp and De’Mornay Pierson-El in the conference?

Which one will be higher by the end of the season? Which player could be that next WR who gets the other targets for Nebraska? Also, is the Big Ten conference as a whole getting stronger at WR?

Does Nebraska’s game @ Minnesota worry you?

Also, Tom Brady lives on a private golf course of a country club he can’t get into. Wait, what?

Josh Moyer (ESPN Big Ten Writer, worte a piece about Boyd Epley and Tom Osborne changing CFB forever)

When putting together the piece, what did you learn about Boyd Epley and the Nebraska S&C program that you didn’t already know? Epley was not brought in by the previous staff to help football, he only helped with other Nebraska programs, Riley and his new S&C coach Mark Philipp reached out to Epley immediately to pick his brain, can that do anything other than make Nebraska better?

Is Nebraska shifting to an offense that goes under center more a good thing?

People are frustrated no matter what offense is run, but which gives Nebraska the best chance to succeed? Also, Josh Moyer of ESPN writes a piece about the birth of S&C in college football. How good is it?