Who wins tonight’s games in the 2nd day of the Sweet 16?

Wisconsin/Florida; UCLA/Kentucky; Butler/UNC; South Carolina/Baylor

Also—Husker Baseball gets 3-2 win over Cal Poly to help avoid another tough road loss

Lavar Ball: Good for college basketball or bad for college basketball? / Shut Up Sipple

Sip thinks Lavar Ball isn’t as bad as some make him out to be…Sorensen’s not quite sure he agrees.

Lavar Ball was on First Take yesterday and got ripped by Stephen A. Smith…he is making it all about himself and not about his kids!

Whatever happened to #GATA with Nebrasketball? Did they lose their identity?

Watching West Virginia last night in close loss to Gonzaga, Sorensen saw a team and identity that Nebraska could be like. As much as fans want to believe this is a good shooting team—they really aren’t

Doc Sadler’s teams were defensive oriented, but he also didn’t have PBA and the Hendricks Training Complex to recruit to. When Craig Smith was here, GATA was big, and you saw good defense and hustle all season. Does Nebraska need to get back to the GATA mentality? Can they do that with the whole current staff?

Adam Michelleti (Lincoln Stars president) / Furley Freakout

Also, FURLEY FREAKOUT: Nashville Spring Break edition!

Bleacher Report lists Tanner Lee as one of 10 players who can ‘shock the world’ this year in college football

What are your expectations for the QB spot, whether it’s Lee or O’Brien? A certain TD/INT number? An All-B1G level of some sort? What are fair goals for the QBs?

Are both QBs ready for the pressure that it is to be a Husker starting QB?

Kansas looks like an unstoppable machine as they move on to the Elite 8

Jayhawks rout Purdue, 98-66, as Sip predicted (Yeah, yeah, Sorensen was wrong, what else is new…)

Other takeaways from last night: Gonzaga moves on, Michigan’s magical run ends in loss to Oregon..is there any chance that the Oregon/KU game is close? (KU ended Purdue game on a 73-33 run!!!!)

Wisconsin tonight vs. Florida as the B1G’s last chance to keep a team alive for the title…

Raiders to get NFL retired running back? / Favorite NCAA games today

Should the Raiders get Marshawn Lynch?

Are you rooting for Creighton today at all against Rhode Island? / Shut Up Sipple

You KNOW Sorensen isn’t…but is Sip? Big East had a strong day on Thursday in NCAA Tourney

Sorensen doesn’t care about the Oregon/Creighton storyline. As long as Nebrasketball and Creighton have the same amount of wins in the tourney this year, all is well!

Husker football concluded first half of spring practice yesterday…what are your biggest takeaways heading into Spring Break?

More discussion on Mike Riley announcing yesterday that Joshua Kalu played safety for a bit yesterday, as he’s trying to get more talent on the field at the same time…

Keith Williams confident in WRs and Bryan Reimers believes he can be a deep threat for the team….

Adam Michelleti (Lincoln Stars president) / Furley Freakout


Is Joshua Kalu on the move to a spot as a safety?

Mike Riley said on Thursday that they played him some there to get more talent on the field at same time

Lamar Jackson and Chris Jones played as the 1s at CB…is this going to stay or is it just a trial?

One is the loneliest number: Nebrasketball officially the only power conference team without an NCAA Tourney win

Northwestern defeats Vanderbilt, 68-66, to win first ever game in NCAA Tourney in first ever appearance

Nebraska now the only team in power conferences without a win…how much longer will that last?

Will Tim Miles be the one who wins the first tourney game at Nebraska? Also, Crean OUT at Indiana