Adam Furley defends himself on his hate for Steven Spielberg

What can you learn about Tim Miles’ recruiting by where his transfers end up? / Shut Up Sipple

This year, Jeriah Horne transfers to smaller school (Tulsa); but Ed Morrow is looking at Big East teams

In past: Bakari Evelyn (Valparaiso); Sergei Vucetic (Evansville); Andrew White (Syracuse—good)

Penn State will have their 3rd annual ‘stripe out’ game against Nebraska this year; can Nebraska ever have something that unifies the fans like that?

Whenever Nebraska tries a ‘blackout,’ it feels like only a small percentage of the fans actually participate; most wear their traditional Husker red

Can Nebraska do something like a ‘stripe out’ game and make it work? Penn State is definitely a traditional school and they are changing things up…why not Nebraska, too?

What is your dream for a different game atmosphere at Memorial Stadium for once a year?

Sip is the king of trolling in NBA Playoffs….what an absolute treat / Furley Freakout

Cavs make a comeback led by King James to go up 3-0 on Pacers, and Sip’s Twitter feed was absolutely sensational


Will anything be lost with the banning of 2-a-day practices in the fall?

Mike Riley is OK with the change; Kirk Ferentz isn’t. Will it make that big of a deal when all is said and done to only have one with helmets and pads, and one (if you want) with no pads or helmets?

Did the NCAA go too far in banning 2-a-days or is it justifiable?

What is Mike Riley’s ceiling at Nebraska?

We’ve discussed momentum vs. hope in the past few days on the show. Do you, the fans, truly believe that the hope could bring Nebraska multiple (or even 1) B1G West titles and potential B1G titles?

We’re entering year 3, which some believe is year 1—to each their own. Do you feel like he can turn the mediocre ship around and get Nebraska to the next level before his time ends with Huskers? Most fans WANT him to succeed—he’s a very likable guy. But do you truly believe it can happen or not?

OK State gets rings with 11-2 record instead of actual 10-3 record..because they‘re petty

Mike Gundy explains that they don’t accept the loss vs. Central Michigan because of refs gaffe. C’mon.

Jeff Potrykus (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) / Shut Up Sipple

Badgers preview: What are biggest takeaways from the spring? Are they the favorite to win the West?

How good can Alex Hornibrook be without sharing reps with Bart Houston?

Do they have good enough options to replace Corey Clement? / Is defense better or worse than 2016?

Where does Nebraska stand at QB compared to the rest of B1G West?

Tanner Lee named starter and POB as back-up….where does that compare to others in league?

Northwestern: Clayton Thorson      Wisconsin: Alex Hornibrook       Iowa: Nathan Stanley/Tyler Wiegers

Purdue: David Blough                         Illinois: Chayce Crouch                  Minnesota:  Conor Rhoda (?)

Is Nebraska in the best shape of all of those? Probably 3rd at worst (though Blough isn’t terrible)

Georgia implements policy that says injuries can’t be reported until addressed by Kirby Smart…good move or too much?

Pelini was somewhat the same at Nebraska, maybe not quite as strict—but he didn’t like anything reported until it came from his mouth

Is it not OK to comment that a player was gimpy when walking off the field? That’s just an honest observation. It’s not speculating on the exact injury…is that so bad?

For those who want Lincoln to host NCAA tournament games, we have some BAD news…

….and that news is that it ain’t gonna happen. Per Sip’s sources, a town holding a regional of sports needs to have at least 9 full service hotels (food all day)—-Lincoln has 4-5.

Would the town do what’s necessary just to make it happen? Can they fit that many more hotels in and a proper convention center? It seems like a pipe dream at this time. Omaha definitely has all they need.

Mike Riley names Tanner Lee as starting QB; was it the right move to name it before Fall Camp?

The POB fans will say this could cause POB to leave; Riley admitted that Patrick was disappointed at the news…but he had to have seen this play out like this, right?

Is there any part of you that feels like he should have waited to announce? He made it clear that the race is not over yet…just that Lee is the starting QB as we go through the summer and into fall camp. That leaves the door open at least a little bit for POB, although it’ll take a lot to surpass Lee…