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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 3rd, 5pm

  • Matt Brown: Sports on Earth
  • The Yodeler
  • What we missed/Wrap things up

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 3rd, 4pm

  • Kristi Dosh: Forbes Sports Business reporter
  • Collin Schuck: Lincoln Stars play-by-play
  • Worst Tweet of the Day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 3rd, 3pm

  • Nate Clouse: Husker Online
  • Watching last night game give me a theory behind Morrow and Jacobson leaving. Did they see they weren’t going to get playing time?
  • Bock vs. Happer

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 3rd, 2pm

  • The #NOTMYCHAMPIONSHIP watch party is happening
  • UCF is going full wrestling heel, and I’m all here for it
  • Unreal response from Husker fans to a Scott Frost expectation question

Happer & Stephens: January 3rd, 1pm

  • UCF AD Danny White is claiming a national championship…banner and all.
  • Rick Pizzo, BTN
  • Oregonians are now allowed to pump their own gas, and they’re not happy about it.
  • A plea to the Kansas City Royals management

Happer & Stephens: January 3rd, 12pm

  • Sam McKewon, Omaha World Herald
    • Sam has an AP vote, where does he plan to rank UCF?
    • How is Scott Frost selling Nebraska?
    • Nebraska media showed up in large numbers at the Peach Bowl. Sam gave his insight on the situation.
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Happer & Stephens: January 3rd, 11am

  • Did Nebrasketball turn a corner last night with a road win over Northwestern?
  • Where does Scott Frost rank TODAY on the totem pole of Big Ten coaches?
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

January 3rd: UCF is claiming a National Championship for going 13-0…is there any credibility to that?

-Their official account proclaims UCF as National Champs…”The Only 2017 Undefeated Champion”

-Is this being petty by UCF or are you OK with it?

January 3rd: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-You were in Atlanta for the Peach Bowl…biggest takeaways? Shocked UCF won or did it feel like they could compete the whole time you were there?

-What exactly is Nebraska’s plan at QB? They have Adrian Martinez but now offer another 4-star QB with another offer out to another QB…what should Gebbia and O’Brien be thinking right now?

-How much will Frost’s win for UCF help Nebraska in the final month of recruiting?

January 3rd: Will Scott Frost have Nebraska in the College Football Playoff within 5 years?

-Frost got UCF (!!) to an undefeated season in a span of 2 years, and were very much so in the conversation of being in the playoff…and that was as a Group of 5 school…can he get over the Wisconsin hump in the West, and the Ohio State monster in the East?

-There will undoubtedly  be a lift in interest in the program with him being the AP Coach of the Year…right? How soon can the culture shift?

January 3rd: More thoughts on Alabama/Georgia national title…are you looking forward to it or is it lame to have 2 SEC teams in championship?

-Jake thinks it is boring; it’s a glorified conference championship now….what does Sip think? Are you pumped at all for this game?  ALSO…Rich Rodriguez OUT at Arizona


January 3rd: What exactly is Nebraska’s plan at the QB spot going forward?

-Huskers have a true freshman coming in with 4-star QB Adrian Martinez, and also have POB and Tristan Gebbia…but we saw yesterday another offer go out to 4-star QB James Foster, who has interest from Alabama and LSU, and had previously been committed to Missouri but backed off

-They also have an offer out to Jamayre Joyner…all three guys that Frost has offered are dual-threat…does he want ANYTHING to do with POB/Gebbia? What is the message to those guys?