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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 2nd, 5pm

  • UCF can play with anybody in the country
  • Alabama and Georgia. #NotMyChampionshipGame
  • Nebraska basketball in action tonight. A big one at Northwestern
  • Poll Question Update/Wrap things up

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 2nd, 4pm

  • Zubin Mehenti: ESPN
  • Nick Gates to the draft
  • Worst Tweet of the Day
  • Man of the Weekend

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 2nd, 3pm

  • Chris Heady: Omaha World Herald
  • Jon Gruden to Oakland
  • What’s Poppin’

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: January 2nd, 2pm

  • UCF can beat any team in the country
  • I’m not watching Alabama-Georgia
  • How much do overall bowl records for conferences matter?
  • This or That

Happer & Stephens: January 2nd, 1pm

  • Big Ten and SEC fans are just yelling at each other and it’s dumb
  • It’s America’s fault Alabama won

Happer & Stephens: January 2nd, 12pm

  • Nick Gates is going pro
  • Brian Christoperson: 247 Sports
  • Bull or No Bull

Happer & Stephens: January 2nd, 11am

  • UCF takes down Auburn in the Peach Bowl
  • Nate Clouse: Husker Online
  • Blog Jog

January 2nd: More thoughts on the weekend that was in college football…what was the most impressive thing you saw?

-You could easily say it was UCF or Georgia’s wins…but how about Ohio State and Penn State and their respective performances?

-Also: Is Jon Gruden headed back to the NFL to…..DAAAA RAIIIDEEERRRSSSS???

January 2nd: Nebraskeball/Northwestern tonight in Evanston in B1G hoops…any concerns for this game with the struggles against Stetson on Friday? / Shut Up Sipple

-Nebraska struggled mightily with Stetson for the duration of the game on Friday but held on, and avoided the dreaded awful non-con loss for what would have been a 4th straight year…was that just the holiday hangover or something to be worried about? Isaac Copeland was 5/20 shooting and Watson invisible

-Northwestern is having some issues this season, though—and the status of Bryant McIntosh is unknown for this one

January 2nd: Has this bowl season proved that the B1G is now officially the best conference in college football?

-The B1G went 7-1 this season in bowls, and really should have been 8-0 if Michigan hadn’t blown a big lead yesterday against South Carolina…although there were no teams in the playoff, how big of a season was this for the conference?

-This just shows that the road gets tougher for Nebraska, even though they have the AP coach of the year coming in with Scott Frost…not a lot of easy games in this league anymore! If the B1G isn’t the best league, what will make them the best?

January 2nd: More reaction from Nick Gates leaving the program

January 2nd: BREAKING NEWS

  • Nick Gates declares for the NFL draft-Reaction