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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: November 20th, 5pm

  • Husker fans who can’t control themselves right now
  • Poll Question update/Wrap things up

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: November 20th, 4pm

  • Dan Hoppen: Hudl
  • Baker Mayfield Suspended
  • Darnold vs Rosen
  • Worst Tweet of the day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: November 20th, 3pm

  • Michael Bruntz: Huskers Illustrated
  • CFB Stock Up/Stock Down
  • What’s Poppin?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: November 20th, 2pm

  • Husker fans who can’t control themselves right now
  • Who are your three most dependable players Nebraska has this year?
  • Man of the weekend

Happer & Stephens: November 20th, 1pm

  • Preliminary thoughts on Iowa?
  • Nebrasketball plays their best game of the season and beats North Dakota 92-70

Happer & Stephens: November 20th, 12pm

  • Reaction to Mike Riley Press Conference
  • There is a report (I love reports) that say Nebraska is considering TRIPLE OPTION COACHES
  • I’m Connor Happer, and I love Baker Mayfield
  • Bull or No Bull

Happer & Stephens: November 20th, 11am

  • Nebraska got blown out without getting really blown out!

November 20th: Back to Nebrasketball…can they build off their performance Sunday to make some noise in their Thanksgiving weekend tournament?

-Maybe there’s reason to believe that the game against St. John’s wasn’t what to expect in big games…but maybe not. Who knows at this point. Can Copeland play consistently like he did Sunday?

-Also, basketball is bizarre sometimes: Northwestern got HAMMERED at home by Texas Tech, 84-49. Wow.

November 20th: Was Tanner Lee’s performance on Saturday, combined with the rest of the season, enough for him to enter this year’s NFL Draft? / Shut Up Sipple

-2018 brings a TON of unknowns with where this roster goes for Nebraska, and what style of offense they run…can Lee take the risk to come back to an offense that might not be good for him? Or is he NFL-ready now and should take the leap and declare for the draft?

November 20th: With all the coaching changes going on, will Nebraska need to move quickly this week to land Scott Frost (or whoever their top candidate is)?

-Jim Mora, Jr. fired at UCLA on Sunday, which means another BIG job is open (UCLA, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska (soon))…it’s believed that Mora was fired now to give UCLA a chance at landing Chip Kelly before Florida can

-Rumors this weekend from Lars Anderson at Bleacher Report and others kept surfacing that Scott Frost supposedly has an offer from Nebraska that he’s ‘likely’ to accept, but it’s hard to believe anything at this point. Regardless, this is going to be  VERY interesting week around college football to see if anyone can get ahead of anyone in the hiring position for good jobs

-Another report said that Willie Taggart might want back in the Southeast ASAP….that could change things up, too….

November 20th: Iowa, on Senior Day, loses at home to Purdue, 24-15, because of course they did

-How in the HELL did that team put up 55 points on Ohio State? Since that game: 14 points against Wisconsin and 60 yards of offense….and a 9 point loss at home to Purdue. Goodness.


November 20th: Nebrasketball looks GOOD in 92-70 win over North Dakota….Isaac Copeland puts up 30 (!!) points

-THAT’S what we were expecting from the 5-star transfer from Georgetown, who looked good everywhere on Sunday—3 point shooting, free throws, inside game, defense…a treat to watch

-Also, Anton Gill was hitting deep jumpers consistently…was this a game where Nebraska finally found something in their shooting touch, or is this still going to be a frustratingly inconsistent shooting team? (spoiler: yes)