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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: October 9th, 2pm

Jake and Brett take a look back at Nebraska’s loss to Wisconsin, and evaluate what it means for Mike Riley’s future with the Huskers.

Happer & Stephens: October 9th, 1pm

  • It doesn’t feel possible for Nebraska to win the B1G West anymore. Can Mike Riley still save his job?
  • Chris Petersen is feuding with ESPN. But his arguments don’t seem to hold water.
  • Nebraska opens as a 25-point underdog to Ohio State. How rude!

Happer & Stephens: October 9th, 12pm

  • Connor saw improvement and identity from the Nebraska offense. Is it the right identity for the Huskers?
  • Is it possible that “winning the offseason” is somehow hurting Nebraska during games?
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to  you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Happer & Stephens: October 9th, 11am

  • Nebraska gets bullied in the second half, falls to Wisconsin 38-17.
  • Deja vu all over again for the Husker defense. But what is there to say about the offense?

October 9th: Sorensen’s guy, Chris Del Conte, appears to not be interested in the Nebraska AD position

-Del Conte is TCU’s AD, and tweeted out yesterday in response to a fan that he is not going anywhere…do you fully believe him, or could it be him playing coy to keep fans from asking more questions? CONSPIRACY THEORIES GALORE!!!

-Also, more thoughts on how in the world Iowa State went into Norman and beat No. 3 Oklahoma with a backup QB…and scoring 38 points…that’s just whack

October 9th: What are the goals now for the season for Nebraska? Are you checked out now after another bad loss or still invested? / Shut Up Sipple

-Lots of apathy on social media and in public places…Sorensen experienced a lot of it in the Railyard and at different places on Sunday…it seems like the buzz for the game was low because of exactly what happened…people trying to make it hurt less

October 9th: Did you ever think there’d be a point where Nebraska would be a 24-point underdog to anyone—anywhere—but in this case, at home against Ohio State?

-The line has been anywhere from 22 points to 25 points for Nebraska as an underdog, the biggest underdog they’ve been at home since 1957 vs Oklahoma (according to Dirk Chatelain)

-How did we get to this point? Would you take Ohio State to cover the spread? It’s an honest question! It might be a tough spread to actually take Nebraska to cover—AT HOME—at 24 points!! Goodness.

-Oh—and since Ohio State lost to Oklahoma, who just lost to Iowa State(!!), now they REALLY need some style-point wins to get back in the playoff picture. Oh boy!

October 9th: Nebraska lost the game….but the pre-game scene with the ’97 championship team was AWESOME

-Grant Wistrom led the pregame prayer and ignited the crowd, and then the ’97 team did the Tunnel Walk, too….what a very cool time in Memorial Stadium


October 9th: Tanner Lee was 50% accuracy again on Saturday…but did he play better than the stats indicate?

-As stated in previous segment, the o-line performed well, and allowed Lee time to throw—only one sack allowed by Nebraska—and also allowed Ozigbo to run the ball….Lee was plagued by some drops, and he did try to fit some tough passes in against a tough defense

-Did Lee play up to the challenge or did you come away disappointed in his game? Also—thoughts on Chris Jones/Joshua Kalu back from injury…how did they look? Kalu played the whole game!

October 9th: Huskers hang tight for a while, but fall 38-17 to 9th-ranked Wisconsin…what happened to the run defense?

-A unit that had been stout for Nebraska throughout the season is gashed for 353 yards in an all-too-familiar sight against Wisconsin….Badgers only had 9 completions, and completely abandoned the pass in route to a 38-17 win with 21 unanswered points to end

-We said Nebraska had to ‘prove it’ against a good team…and they did for a while…but wore down. Is that going to be the theme and trend this year? And will that ever change under Mike Riley, however long he is the coach here for? O-line really did a nice job on the night, but defense was overpowered