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The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: September 19th, 5pm

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September 19th: Mike Riley says Nebraska has ‘all they need to win here’…do you agree, and what’s the excuse then?

-One of the eye-raising quotes Riley delivered on Monday, but one that is good to show he is not making excuses for lack of success. Do you truly believe Nebraska still has what they need to win? And can this program be a winner again?

September 19th: Shut Up Sipple

September 19th: Does Mike Riley’s stoic presence—win or lose—comfort you or anger you?

-In the midst of tough questions, Riley remained calm on Monday at the press conference—and Langsdorf was pretty calm, as well, despite a poor offensive performance that has Nebraska at 1-2 going into conference play

-The optimists will say that the stoic presence is a sign that Nebraska is fine going forward and that this is merely a blip on the radar. The pessimists will say that Riley and staff don’t have a pulse and aren’t terribly bothered by the bad record to start the season. Is the middle ground a proper place to be? How can these guys seem so calm after this start?

September 19th: Former Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville is a color analyst for the Texas Tech game this weekend…can you imagine Pelini or Callahan in the booth for a Nebraska game?

-Tuberville didn’t leave Texas Tech with great standing, as he went to Cincinnati, and never got the Red Raiders going the right direction after Mike Leach left. Do you think he’ll be critical in the broadcast? What in the hell would a Husker game with color analysis from Bill Callahan or Bo Pelini sound like?


September 19th: Is there a chance that Mike Riley is calling plays soon instead of Danny Langsdorf?

-Riley was pretty adamant that he doesn’t plan on calling plays anytime soon, but did mention that he’s done it before, as recent as 2012 when the offense struggled—and it got better under him (though he credits Sean Mannion for just improving)

-Could this be a scenario that happens soon? What happens first—a new QB, or new playcaller?