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The Brett Kane Show w/Bock: March 16th, 5pm

  • What can Nebraska do to help their offensive linemen this year?
  • Vanderbilt with one of the worst mistakes in tournament history
  • Silver lining to the Vandy meltdown?

The Brett Kane Show w/Bock: March 16th, 4pm

  • Where does Nebraska stand as far as protecting the QB and protecting the line
  • Latavius Murrary is showing what could be the end of the big time free agency running backs
  • Dynamite Tournament Analysis

Happer & Stephens: March 16th, 1pm

  • How big of a deal will this ears Spring Game be recruiting-wise for Nebraska?
  • Can Nebraska’s current quarterback situation actually help out the defense?
  • Big day of hoops, what is your reaction as a Nebraska basketball fan if Northwestern wins today?

Happer & Stephens: March 16th, 12pm

  • Do you feel like Mike Riley and his staff are doing a good job with developing players right now?
  • Robin Washut of Husker Online
  • Bull or No Bull

Happer & Stephens: March 16th, 11am

  • We are now looking at Tim Miles on a year to year basis, how will that dictate who he goes to get to fill scholarship spots?
  • Keyshawn Johnson Jr. being cleared to practice – McQuitty will be limited the whole spring with shoulder injury
  • Four Downs with Alli

The Brett Kane Show w/Bock: March 16th, 3pm

  • Stanley Morgan should be Nebraska’s breakout player
  • Reid Forgrave; National college hoops analyst
  • Four More Downs with Alli

The Brett Kane Show w/Bock: March 16th, 2pm

  • Dynamite Tournament Analysis
  • Steve Sipple of The Lincoln Journal Star
  • Buy or Sell

How will you react if Northwestern wins today in NCAA Tournament?

Sorensen will proabably throw a stapler at the wall. That’s right. You can’t have nice things before us, Northwestern. Wait your damn turn.

Also, to root or not to root for Creighton? (Come on, that one is easy. One can never root for the Jays.)

Is Luke Gifford a potential breakout player for Nebraska in 2017? / Shut Up Sipple

Sipple article in Journal Star….the man is playing with a club on his arm in hopes of trying to earn playing time! What a badass

Will be tough to beat out Marcus Newby, but why can’t he be on the other side and give Alex Davis a push?

Huskers make moves in recruiting department… will the team see immediate benefits in evaluation of recruits?

Dan Van de Riet, Mike Riley’s long-time right hand man, officially named as the man who will oversee recruiting operations

Is Nebraska just now getting with the times with this, or are they ahead of the curve when it comes to recruiting? Are they too late?

Kevin Cristello named assistant director of football operations….lots of heads at the table now

Dirk Nowitzki received a photo in the mail from a fan… strangest gift you’ve ever received?

Sip HAS to have received some weird gifts from lovers/haters of his columns of years past…hasn’t he? Or any former jobs?

Sorensen has been a victim of bad gift giving at Christmas time with his family

What if there is more attrition for Nebrasketball to come?

Jeriah Horne officially left the program yesterday after rumors on Tuesday night…. can Tim MilesĀ  afford anyone else leaving or not?

Do you believe in his ability to get someone to fill the void for 2017 with 2 spots to fill now or not?